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  • Mind-Blowing Research of the Month: Brain-Computer Interfaces

    At least once in our lives, we’ve all wished we could read minds or control the objects around us by merely thinking about them. So far, the technology that came closest to getting us there is BCI – brain-computer interfaces. Read on to learn what they are and how they work – and whether or not we are to expect mind-reading devices any time soon.


  • What Our Eye Movements Can Tell Us – And How It’s Changing The World

    By now you must have surely heard of eye tracking, whether it was in countless online challenges or in the description of one of ITMO’s own Master’s programs, but we bet this technology still has many surprises in store. In this article, we delve a little into how it works, where it is applied and what insights the researchers have gained into the way our brain works. 


  • Neurotechnologies and Software Engineering Master’s Program to Go Corporate and Open Two New Specializations

    The program’s students will be developing and researching new software methods and tools under the guidance of practicing experts from Nexign (part of X Holding) in the field of telecommunications and Robotrack (part of the company group Brain Development LLC and Robotrack LLC) in the field of the implementation of neurotechnologies. 


  • ITMO.STARS 2019 Winners: Who They Are and Why They Chose ITMO

    This year, the ITMO.STARS competition for prospective students with unique accomplishments was held by ITMO for the second time in a row. It lets the winners join ITMO even if their Unified State Exam score wouldn’t normally allow them to. The only formal criterion is to pass the minimal Unified State Exam points threshold. This year saw twice as many applications as the previous one. Among the winners are 15 participants from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Pskov, Abakan, and other cities. They told ITMO.NEWS how to land a job at VK in your school years, how to open your own video studio, and why you shouldn't underestimate yourself.


  • NTR 20.35 BarCamp Explored Prospects for Neural Interfaces

    For the third year in a row, the city of St. Petersburg has become the host of the BarCamp ‘National Technology Revolution 20.35’, an informal educational conference organized by participants themselves. This time, all its lectures and workshops were dedicated to the topic of increasing the competitive performance of Russian companies and expanding their presence on the global markets. The roundtable on ‘Promotion strategies for exporting hi-tech Neuronet solutions onto local markets’ was one of the barcamp’s main events. ITMO.NEWS jotted down the keynotes from the speakers’ presentations.


  • Race to the Top: Who Will Rule The Neurotech Market?

    Neurotechnologies can offer humans incredible opportunities: stimulate brain activity and increase its performance, control household devices with one's mind, talk to others without need for words or messenger apps. Moreover, the NeuroNet market is listed as a key market in the Russian National Technology Initiative. But first, it needs to overcome some major challenges in order to get to the stage of actual sales. Participants of the NeuroForum "NeuroNet development opportunities in global markets" discussed key tasks for the NeuroNet market past Thursday. The event took place at the “Boiling Point” space in St. Petersburg with the support of ITMO University.


  • Staying Ahead of Time: ITMO’s New Program of Neurotechnologies

    Electronic devices that restore hearing, bionic prostheses, professional brain-training devices, neural helmets for education and games — as of now, the world's neurotechnology market has reached 180 billion dollars, and, according to experts from the Neuronet branch association, will reach one trillion dollars by 2035. Yet, what are the competencies that a neurotechnology specialist has to possess, and where can one get the corresponding education? Starting with 2017, ITMO University launches a new Bachelor's program on Neurotechnologies and Programming that has yet to have any counterparts in Russia. Read more about the new program and the opportunities it gives in our article.