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  • Social Animals: What Makes Us Human

    Why is it so easy to make us repeat actions after others? What does it take to turn a well-adjusted person into a sadist? And is it possible to fight our animal instincts and become our better selves? Psychologist and science communicator Vitaly Vasyanovich, who heads the pop-sci project Zanuda (“Nitpicker”), expanded on these complex topics in a lecture at OKHTA LAB.


  • Musicians: Nature or Nurture? Science Journalist Asya Kazantseva Explains

    If you practice music for 10,000 hours, you’ll become a professional musician, and your brain will change, bringing you lots of perks for dealing with challenges in other areas of life, say psychologists and neurobiologists. No, answer genetics, if a child doesn’t have an innate talent for music, there is no way you can make them practice for 10,000 hours. And if they have a talent, it doesn’t matter whether they want to do music or not; they will be able to solve problems with an ease similar to that of a musician, and it isn’t because they’ve practiced, but because they fundamentally have good genes. This was the topic of the recent Okhta Lab lecture by a science journalist Asya Kazantseva.


  • Going Digital: How Technologies Change Our World

    Over the last decade, people have changed more than in the entire history of mankind, says Dmitry Kostomarov, a business-angel and and e.Queo co-founder, in his lecture at ОKHTAFUTURETALKS in Okhta Lab Library. Modern technologies have entered our daily life and changed the way we think and behave forever. A new generation of people who can’t imagine their life without a smartphone has emerged. What kind of world will these people create? ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of the lecture.