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  • One Perfect Day: Feel Swedish in St. Petersburg

    Want to fall in love with Sweden and its traditions in a day without even leaving St. Pete? That’s exactly what will happen to you once you spend 24 hours following the guide below. So get your Kånken (and that’s pronounced “kOnken”, not “kAnken”) bag ready – and let’s go! 


  • One Perfect Day: Feel French in St. Petersburg

    If you feel like another cultural adventure, why not spend the day as if you’re in France? No Eiffel Tower or red beret required!


  • One Perfect Day: Feel German in St. Petersburg

    Summer is just around the corner – and the White Nights are in full swing – which means it’s high time to venture out and explore the international side of St. Petersburg, plunging deeper into European culture. So grab a bike, put your favorite sneakers on, and let’s spend this day in a German way!


  • One Perfect Day: Feel Italian in St. Petersburg

    Borders might still be closed, but why not enjoy a day of la dolce vita in Russia's most Italian city? Welcome dear friends, or as they say in Italy, benvenuti, cari amici!