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  • PI School Welcomes Young Scientists From All Over Russia

    The PI School, organized by ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School and SCAMT Institute with the support of Tatneft, took place on June 18-25, bringing together more than 40 researchers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, and other Russian cities.


  • Principal Rising Star: ITMO’s School for Aspiring Principal Investigators

    ITMO opens applications to the second PI School for rising stars – it is set to start on May 18. Same as last year, experts from the fields of education, research, and business will share their insights with participating Master’s and PhD students and postdocs. Among the topics are building a career in science, conducting breakthrough research, and collaborating with industrial partners. Read on to learn more about the school.


  • Academic Corporations, Not Universities: Skolkovo Institute Head Andrey Volkov on the Future of Universities and PIs in Russia

    A series of open lectures was held as part of ITMO PI School: Rising Stars on May 18-19. The event brought together leading experts from the Skolkovo Innovation Center, academia representatives, and ITMO research leaders to discuss which specialists universities need and how Russian science and education sectors are transforming in general. One of the speakers was Andrey Volkov, the head of Skolkovo’s Public Strategy Institute, a professor at the Moscow School of Management, and a supervisor of Project 5-100 and the Priority 2030 program, who spoke about how the transformation started, how universities are changing today, and why they should evolve into academic corporations instead.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #5

    We’re back again with the key science news from the past couple weeks. This time, we’ve got: a rankings success, insights into the art of science communication, exciting nanoscience research, and summer schools for fledgling scientists.


  • Carve Your Path in Science: ITMO to Host PI School for Rising Stars

    Within the scope of several days, participants of ITMO PI School: Rising Stars will turn into leaders of research, technological, educational, and engineering projects that will make the core of the university’s transformation into its 2030 vision. Here’s all you need to know about the school’s program and application process. 


  • ITMO University to Host Second PI School by SCAMT

    ITMO’s SCAMT Institute will once again hold a summer school for young scholars who want to found and develop their own laboratories. This year, the event is organized in partnership with the Russian-based oil and gas company Tatneft. Future PIs and experts will gather at the company’s corporate university in Almetyevsk to discuss how to start a career in science and where to find academic and industry partners. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming event.


  • PI School Participants Share Their Stories

    ITMO University has recently hosted a summer school for young scholars striving for international recognition. The school participants defended their roadmaps for developing world-class laboratories in their regions and shared their impressions with ITMO.NEWS.


  • Scientific Leadership: ITMO Hosts PI School by SCAMT

    The PI School is designed for young scholars wishing to learn how to put together teams, pose scientific objectives, seek project funding, and publish their results in major peer-reviewed journals. At the end of the one-week course, students will present their roadmaps for creating research laboratories that will be noticed not only in Russia but also in the world.


  • School for Young Scientists: ITMO University Hosts PI School by SCAMT

    The school will feature presentations by leading scholars from different parts of Russia who will speak about their research teams known in the country and abroad. Participants will be able to create laboratories at their higher education institutions with the support of the school’s mentors. The school is organized by ITMO University and the Center for Strategic Research North-West.