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  • AI Barista: Digital Coffee Taste Predictor To Be Developed at ITMO

    Scientists from ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center are working on a digital barista, a smart system that will describe the taste of coffee grains without a human specialist. This project, developed with Siberian Federal University and business partners, is set to be used in vending coffee machines.


  • ITMO Goes to India: Building the Future Together

    The formula to our success is partnerships and collaborations. We are where we are today thanks to the immense support from our partners like Parul University. Our bond with the Indian university has been very strong for years. Every year, many of its students visit ITMO along with their professors to participate in summer schools and internships. This December, ITMO staff members Ekaterina Rassolenko and Yulia Shik visited India to attend Parul University’s International Week. What were the main highlights of this event? What new opportunities can students expect? Let’s learn it all from Ekaterina and Yulia.


  • ITMO Digital Generation Club Wins 5 Million Ruble Grant From Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education

    According to the results of the national contest among scientific student clubs, forty universities were granted financial support from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The contest’s leaders, among which are ITMO University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, and the National University of Science and Technology (MISiS), received 5 million rubles to build a community of young professionals in artificial intelligence.


  • ITMO University Receives Grant to Fund AI Research Center

    ITMO University’s AI Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” became one of the grant winners in the contest held as part of the federal Artificial Intelligence project. The selection process was conducted by experts of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. The research center will be granted more than 1 billion rubles.


  • Cryogenics and IT: ITMO Partners With Briskly

    On May 14, 2021, a delegation from ITMO University visited the Briskly Factory refrigeration machinery plant in Vyborg. During the meeting, Briskly founder Gleb Kharitonov and Igor Baranov, head of the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems, signed a collaboration agreement.


  • Innovative Entrepreneurship for Students: ITMO Technopark Organizes Winter School for Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

    Staff members of ITMO Technopark conducted a winter school for students of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM, Mexico). Among the participants were 33 second, third, and fourth year Bachelor’s students. 


  • ITMO University and Red Fox Develop Smart Clothes for Winter Activities

    ITMO students, the founders of the WARMR startup, and the Red Fox company have launched a joint production of clothing with controlled electronic heating. The smart clothes were created with the use of printed electronics.


  • New Partnership: ITMO’s Esports Team and CS.MONEY

    Esports is a new, growing industry in Russia with the number of viewers already exceeding ten million people and total revenue of around 12 million dollars. ITMO University also has been contributing to the development of this field and shall continue to do so in collaboration with CS.MONEY.


  • ITMO University’s Alumni Entrepreneur Club

    This club will let entrepreneurs who graduated from ITMO University meet each other, create joint projects, supervise young startups, and look for talents among current students.


  • BizCycle Founders Develop Three New Bike Routes in Leningrad Oblast

    BizCycle, an international three-year-long project, is being developed together with Finnish partners. The BizCycle team held a meeting with representatives of small and mid-sized businesses and shared current outcomes of the project.