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  • Scientists from ITMO Discover a New Way to Create Reconfigurable Topological States of Light

    A team of researchers from ITMO University and Australian National University came up with a new concept of photonic topological structures. Localized states of light in such structures appear not due to the intentionally designed lattice geometry but rather because of spatial variation of particles' properties.


  • ITMO PhD Student Develops Unique MRI Device and Wins All-Russian Contest

    The contest of research projects by young scientists took place as part of the Science of the Future – Science of the Youth forum organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Evgeny Koreshin, a PhD student at ITMO’s Department of Physics and Engineering, took first place in the Medicine and Pharmacology category.


  • ITMO University Researchers Shed New Light on Plasmonic Nanolasers

    For six years, a research team from the Photophysics of Surface Laboratory at ITMO’s International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures has been studying plasmonic nanolasers – a long-standing subject of debate in the scientific community. The study was conducted as part of a Russian Presidential Grant.


  • Quantum Science and Laser Spectroscopy: ITMO Hosts 12th Fundamental Problems of Optics Conference

    This Monday, the 12th Fundamental Problems of Optics conference kicked off at ITMO University. This year’s key topics of discussion are quantum communications and the development of theoretical knowledge regarding 6G data transfer. 


  • Meet the New Radiophysical Lab at ITMO's Faculty of Physics and Engineering

    ITMO University now has a new experimental complex: an anechoic chamber for testing antennas and studying the electrodynamic characteristics of the latest artificial materials. Andrey Sayanskiy, a Research Associate at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, told ITMO.NEWS about the new complex and what its means for the university.


  • Scientists Use Lasers and Gold Particles to Turn Titanium Oxide Into Nanocomposite for Photocatalysts

    Oxides of different metals often serve as photocatalysts in various systems such as air purification, reactions of water decomposition and even in the production of self-cleaning surfaces for glass and mirrors. The physical-chemical properties of such materials can be improved by adding nanoparticles, which turn an ordinary oxide into a nanomaterial with new capabilities. To successfully perform this, however, it is necessary to understand the processes going on as a nanocomposite is being formed, and to be able to control them. ITMO University researchers together with their colleagues from France and the USA have demonstrated how a femtosecond laser can be used to tune the structure and nanocomposite properties for titanium dioxide films filled with gold nanoparticles. The paper was published in ACS The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 


  • ITMO University Scientists Develop Laser for High-Precision Satellite Navigation

    Scientists from ITMO University’s Research Institute of Laser Physics have developed a high-power laser with short pulse duration for use in a lunar laser locator. The locator will make it possible to measure the distance between the Moon and Earth with a margin of error of just a few millimeters. This would make it possible to correct calculations of celestial coordinates of the Moon in order to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation systems. An article on the new laser was published in Optics Letters.