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  • ITMO Hosts PM School in Project Management

    The online PM School in project management started on January 18. The entire course will take nine weeks. Within this time, participants are to learn to launch projects in accordance with the project cycle management methodology and the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), as well as to execute project documentation for getting finded. The results will be assessed on March 20 at the final presentation with participation of partners of Startup Connect, a project of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 program financed by the EU, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Finland.


  • ITMO University’s Personal Development Center Launches a Course on Team Creativity

    The international educational platform Global Education Futures, which unites the world’s leading experts in the field of futurology, considers co-creation the key skill of the 21st century. Futurologists predict that by 2025, the approach to hiring workers will have undergone a radical change: instead of individual specialists, employers will take on creative project teams. Helping master this new but vital competency is Carousel of Creative Technologies, a team creativity development course developed by ITMO University’s Personal Development Center “Rhythm” together with the coaching company T&D Technologies. Over the course of a month and a half, from March 5 to April 16, the participants will attend six workshops and undertake a business quest which will result in completed team projects. 


  • It’s Your Call! Winter School Kicks Off at ITMO University

    Over the course of five days, students from all over Russia will be attending lectures, taking part in workshops and preparing team projects. The winners will get the opportunity to enroll in ITMO’s Master’s and PhD studies without entrance examinations. The event’s general partner is Sberbank of Russia.


  • International Competitions, Research, and Conferences: the First Year of ITMO.STARS

    Last year, ITMO University launched ITMO.STARS, a program for talented prospective students with insufficient Unified State Exam scores. Instead, the applicants could prove their mettle by showcasing their self-made software, methodology, or a scientific, social, or business project. In 2018, the University enrolled 14 winners of ITMO.STARS. We spoke to some of them to learn about their first year at ITMO.


  • Water-Spraying Parasols and Smart Traveling Apparel: Projects by Teens in Tech

    Teens in Tech, a school of technological entrepreneurship for high school students, has just wrapped up at ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. Over the course of four days, the students worked to create their own business projects, learning about innovation business and technological entrepreneurship along the way. Read on to find all about the completed projects by the participants of this year’s spring Teens in Tech.


  • ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering Launches a Projects Contest

    Project activities allow students to more creatively approach problem-solving and trains them for work in business environments and promotion of their own, and practically useful, products. To enhance the applications of project-oriented approach in education, ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering launched a contest for filling of the positions of developers and mentors of educational projects in the subject area of physics. The winners will receive financial support and the opportunity to bring their ideas into reality both at ITMO and the Sirius educational center in Sochi.


  • Software Engineering Program by ITMO and JetBrains: Students Share

    ​Last year, ITMO University and the JetBrains company launched the “Software Engineering” corporate Master’s program. Apart from completing traditional practical assignments, its students also get to work on projects under the guidance of JetBrains’ developers and representatives of its partner companies in order to present their results at the end of each semester. We’ve asked some of them about working with leading developers from major companies, as well as the advantages of following a corporate Master’s program.


  • BRIDGE: ITMO Students to Help Finland’s Small Businesses

    On March 16-22, a group of ITMO University students will go to Tornio (Finland), where they will join their peers from Norway and Finland to work on cases for European commercial companies. The trip will be organized as part of BRIDGE, a new project that brought together Norwegian, Finnish and Russian universities to train innovation brokers


  • ITMO’s Teaching Methodology Wins Best Innovation Product Award

    Early in 2017, ITMO staff have developed a unique methodology for the project-based learning of nanotechnologies. Since that time, it has been tried and tested by the Sirius educational center, federal networks of kids’ technoparks Quantorium, and, starting from this academic year, have been rolled out in ITMO University itself. The technique has also recently been recognized by the Government of St. Petersburg’s Committee on Science and Higher Education, who awarded it an honorary prize for being the ‘Best Innovative Product’. Iana Muzychenko, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, and Mikhail Mukhin, Head of the Faculty’s Nanocenter, met with ITMO.NEWS to discuss why project-based learning is so effective and how it motivates students to approach unconventional scientific tasks.


  • Internship at MIT: Active Learning, Virtual Reality, and Entrepreneurial Skills

    A group of ITMO University teachers spent two weeks at MIT doing an internship on modern educational techniques. The purpose of the internship was to help its participants gain practical teaching skills and answer some important questions such as what are the ways to increase students’ productivity, how to implement online learning in the classroom, and why is it important to give students the opportunity to put the acquired knowledge into practice?