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  • Research Team from ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University, and Nova Southeastern University Is the First to Sequence the Genome of Moss Animals

    Moss animals (Bryozoa) are a source of bryostatin, a promising material to be used in medicine. However, the genome of these species hasn’t been analyzed until now. The research has been published in Scientific Data. 


  • ITMO University Reinforces Positions in Diamond League of RUR Ranking of Russian Universities

    Two weeks ago, the RUR Rankings Agency published its World University Rankings, in which ITMO University took 360th place, landing in the Bronze League. Today, on May 13, results have been announced of RUR’s country-specific edition, with the Russian ranking listing 82 universities divided in four leagues based on the amount of points they scored. As last year, ITMO University has made it to the top of the list – the Diamond League.


  • Scientists Use Lasers and Gold Particles to Turn Titanium Oxide Into Nanocomposite for Photocatalysts

    Oxides of different metals often serve as photocatalysts in various systems such as air purification, reactions of water decomposition and even in the production of self-cleaning surfaces for glass and mirrors. The physical-chemical properties of such materials can be improved by adding nanoparticles, which turn an ordinary oxide into a nanomaterial with new capabilities. To successfully perform this, however, it is necessary to understand the processes going on as a nanocomposite is being formed, and to be able to control them. ITMO University researchers together with their colleagues from France and the USA have demonstrated how a femtosecond laser can be used to tune the structure and nanocomposite properties for titanium dioxide films filled with gold nanoparticles. The paper was published in ACS The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 


  • Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Your Research to Scopus and Web of Science Journals

    Scopus and Web of Science are the two largest databases that collect data from top scientific journals. Today, publications in journals indexed by these two systems and the number of references to these works in other authors’ papers are key indicators of a scientist’s activity and reputation. But researchers who are submitting their work to such journals for the first time have to deal with a number of challenges, such as finding the right outlet, properly formatting their article, and so on. ITMO.NEWS asked Valentin Milichko, the winner of Scopus Award Russia 2018 and researcher at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, and George Zograf, a PhD student at the same Faculty, to compile a guide to submitting your article to Scopus- and WoS-indexed journals.


  • RAEX Ranking 2020: ITMO University Rated Russia’s First in Computer Science

    The RAEX rating agency has published its latest annual subject rankings of scientific productivity and invention (patent) activity among Russian universities. ITMO University is included in the top 10 of both rankings. The University also came first out of all Russian universities in the subject ranking for computer science and in a narrower field of hardware architecture.


  • Nature Index Rankings: ITMO in Top-10 of Russia’s Best Science Institutions

    The publishing house Springer Nature has come out with the latest edition of their Nature Index, which covers the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018. The index tracks scientific institutions’ publications activity based on articles published in 82 leading international journals. In the new installment of the rankings, ITMO University has kept its position in top-10 best Russian scientific organizations.


  • Academic Writing at ITMO University

    How to write a scientific article in English? What’s the difference between texts published in Russia and those published in major international journals? And what are the basics of academic writing that every scientist needs to know? Inna Anokhina, head of ITMO’s Academic Writing Lab, believes that most young researchers make a similar mistake when preparing their articles for publication in international journals: all they do is simply translate their articles from Russian into English. The laboratory offers free courses and workshops, as well as individual consultations that can help you prepare your articles for publishing in international journals. Learn more about the laboratory and the opportunities it offers in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • QS World University Rankings: ITMO Among Top 2% of World’s Universities

    ITMO University has made its debut in QS World University Rankings, placed 601-650 in the global ranking. This year the QS company evaluated more than 4,300 higher education institutions for its ranking, of which 980 have ended up in the final list – 62 more than last year. There are approximately 26,000 universities in the world, meaning that ITMO University is among the world’s top 2%. This spring, ITMO University also made its debut in QS’s Subject Rankings being placed 351-400 in two subjects: Computer Science & Information Systems and Physics & Astronomy.