The Diamond League’s top five universities are Lomonosov Moscow State University, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Tomsk State University, St. Petersburg State University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. ITMO University placed sixth – which is three positions higher than its last year’s result.

The RUR Countries Ranking’s evaluation system mirrors that of the global one: points are awarded in four areas of universities’ activity: quality of education, quality of research, international diversity, and financial stability. ITMO University moved several positions up in almost all of these criteria. 

In one of the criteria – quality of research – the university managed to rise from its last year’s 11th position to seventh place. The highest score was awarded to ITMO’s publication activity: the university moved up from ninth to fifth place in the number of publications per staff member, from eighth to sixth place – in the number of citations, and from tenth to eighth place – in the normalized citation impact. It’s important to note that the ranking considered papers published between 2013 and 2017, and all statistical information was based on the data by the agency Clarivate Analytics.

ITMO University
ITMO University

In the international diversity criterion, ITMO moved up four positions, placing seventh. The university received the most points for its share of international co-authored papers (where it rose from fourth to third place compared to last year) and share of international academic staff (ninth place compared to 12th place last year). In the overall international diversity level, the university rose from 11th to seventh place.

The university now also ranks higher in its level of financial stability: ITMO placed seventh in the research income indicator, moving up two positions, and ninth – in the overall financial stability ranking. 

Full evaluation across all 20 indicators and four main areas of ITMO university’s activity can be found in its RUR profile

Round University Ranking (RUR) is an international university ranking that has now been published for 11 years by the RUR Rankings Agency. It evaluates the performance of 1,100 leading universities from 82 countries. Since 2019, in addition to the general ranking, the agency has begun issuing country-specific rankings for the countries with the most representation (with 20 or more universities).