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  • Scientists in St. Petersburg Find a Way to Study Game Addiction

    Researchers from ITMO University, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, and Almazov National Medical Research Centre discovered that the brain pathways responsible for self-control, pleasure, and affection change in people who regularly play video games; whereas their cognitive functions remain unchanged, which is visible on functional MRI scans. The study's findings might be used for early diagnosis of game addiction.


  • Physicists From ITMO Generate Single Photons For Secure Information Encryption

    Researchers at ITMO University have studied the formation of single-photon emitters, which are key components of quantum communication and computation devices. With these, it will be possible to encrypt data in a way that would make it impossible to intercept. The study was described in an article published in Nature Communications.


  • ITMO Scientists Present A Way to Control Light-Matter Coupling in Next-Gen Optical Devices

    Paving the way to next-gen optical devices, where information is transmitted with light particles, researchers from ITMO University have suggested a method to bind light and matter more efficiently. The study was described in an article published in Nano Letters. 


  • Tools for Scientists: Use These to Bring Your Search for Papers to the Next Level

    Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just complete your research if you want to publish it in a high-ranking journal. You need to find your collaborators and select the right journal – not to mention correctly compiling your application. This sounds like a lot of work, but luckily there are a lot of services that can help you on this quest. Ivan Sterligov, Russia’s leading expert on scientometrics and science communication and advisor to Vice Rector at HSE University, has shared his favorite tools at a recent webinar hosted by ITMO Library. Here is a summary of his talk.


  • ITMO Researchers Developing New Cancer Treatment Using Gold Nanoparticles and Infrared Lasers

    In recent years, oncological diseases have become one of the most wide-spread causes of death in developed countries – and despite the abundant new diagnostics and treatment methods, fighting cancer is still a challenge. Nearly all known treatments have significant side effects, while some of them are even helpless against more persistent cancer cells. One solution to this problem is photothermal therapy, on its own or in combination with other treatments. Researchers from ITMO University have suggested a new method to treat melanoma more effectively and safely using gold nanoparticles. Read on to learn more about the new method.


  • Researchers Propose New Multipolar Lattices for Improved Metasurfaces

    Scientists from ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics have predicted a unique type of bound states in the continuum – one that is completely resistant to changes in the system parameters. This would allow researchers to control the resonance properties of metasurfaces and, eventually, to develop more efficient optical and optoelectronic devices of the next generation. The corresponding paper received special recognition from the editors of Physical Review B (Letter) and was published in the section Editor’s Suggestion.


  • THE Ranking: ITMO University Secures Its Position Among Russia’s Top-10 Universities

    This Wednesday, September 2, the 2021 edition of Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE WUR 2021) was made public. ITMO University took eighth place among the almost 50 Russian universities present in the ranking, and was included in the world’s top 600 universities. 


  • Researchers Develop Material Capable of Being Transparent or Reflective in IR Spectrum

    Modern optical devices require constant tuning of their light interaction settings. Lenses need to change focus, lidars have to emit and receive light at different angles. For that purpose, there exist various mechanical apparatuses that shift lenses, rotate reflectors, and move emitters. But what if they all were to become unnecessary? An international research team that includes staff members of ITMO University and the University of Exeter have proposed a new metamaterial capable of changing its optical properties without any mechanical input. This development could result in a significant improvement in the reliability of complex optical devices while making them cheaper to manufacture. The study was featured on the cover of the May 2020 issue of Optica.


  • John Ioannidis’s ITMO Lecture: What’s Wrong With Medical Research and How We Can Make It Right

    One of the most renowned scientists of our generation, John Ioannidis, came to St. Petersburg to deliver an open lecture at ITMO University. The hour-long talk focused on the shortcomings of contemporary medical research and how clinical testing can be made trustworthy again by putting the “evidence” back into “evidence-based medicine”. ITMO.NEWS provides the highlights of the lecture. 


  • Chief Editor of Nature Photonics Oliver Graydon on Russian Science, Researcher’s Path and Ways to Start Publishing in World’s Leading Journals

    For over ten years now, Oliver Graydon has been working as the Chief Editor of Nature Photonics, the most prestigious international journal specializing in original research in the field of optics and photonics. The expert has recently visited ITMO University, where he attended the laboratories of the International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, learned more about the work done by the university’s young scientists, and participated in a tour of the Museum of Optics. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Oliver Graydon talked about how Russian science has been changing in the recent years and what surprised him most in St. Petersburg, and also gave advice to young researchers wishing to start publishing in major science journals.