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  • Liquid Metal Makes Production of Porous Metals for Batteries Easier

    Researchers from ITMO University have devised a low-cost, eco-friendly method to produce porous materials for batteries and catalysts (substances that accelerate chemical reactions) by using a liquid metal (sodium-potassium alloy) as a reagent. The results of the study were published in Chemical Communications.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #56

    It’s been a fruitful couple weeks for science updates here at ITMO! In this summer’s first news digest, we review a handful of impressive breakthroughs (including a world record!), learn about the latest educational programs to join the roster, and even get a little cheeky with our subversive guide to defending your thesis.


  • Bound States in the Continuum: Theory and Applications

    Bound states in the continuum (BICs) are at the basis of ultra-sensitive sensors, compact optical devices, and optical computers. In this article, Zarina Kondratenko, a senior researcher at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics, unravels the conundrum and shares ongoing projects in the field by ITMO researchers.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #55

    Worried you’ve missed something new in the world of science? Worry not: here are the key updates on tech, education, and more from the recent weeks. New and gripping AI models, an eco-minded Master’s program for budding entrepreneurs, and the latest in science art – all this in today’s science roundup!


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #54

    As always, we’re here to make sure you haven’t missed any of our updates from the realm of science and tech. In today’s digest: medical advances, the future of 3D-printing and wireless charging, as well as the latest prospects for international AI collaboration.


  • Games for Lectures: Introducing IdenTrack, ITMO’s New Educational Platform

    IdenTrack is a new educational platform that helps students get into research, write scientific papers, present their ideas, and build their individual learning tracks. Unlike conventional online courses, the platform is structured like a game where students experience life-like situations guided by virtual mentors. By now, over 1,000 students have already taken courses on the platform – with over 80% of them completing their tracks. Read on to learn more about the platform and the minds behind it.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #53

    Hello, greetings, and welcome! In today’s review of recent updates courtesy of ITMO.NEWS, we’re looking at three major stories: an exciting research breakthrough from the realm of photonics, an array of fresh ideas by the university’s brightest young scientists, and the launch of this year’s admissions campaign.


  • Researchers Note Topological Effects in New Waveguide Metamaterial

    A novel waveguide-based metamaterial, suggested by physicists from ITMO University and their colleagues from University of Chile, has been shown to exhibit topological states. Upon contact with the edge of a sample, the light that passes through the lattice is nearly never distributed inside the structure, unlike in traditional waveguide gratings. The findings were published in Nano Letters. 


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #52

    Twice a month, we bring you the latest in research breakthroughs, educational opportunities, and other news from the world of science. In today’s digest: the future of quantum computing, the surprising role of the gut microbiome, and a new Master’s program for hands-on researchers.


  • Longer-Lived Quantum States Suggested at ITMO

    Physicists from ITMO University have created an AI-based solution to make quantum states remain stable for longer for the processing, reliable recording, and storage of information. This study, described in a recent article in Applied Physics Letters, may help pave the way to quantum computers.