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  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Information & Cyber Security Track

    Previously, winners of the Robotics track of the I Am a Professional contest shared their tips for this year’s participants. In this part of the series, bronze medal winners of the Information & Cyber Security talk about their experiences at the contest and share advice. 


  • Russian Teams Took First and Third Place at Sports Hacking Competition CyBRICS 2020

    This is the second time that the international tournament has been held. Because of the pandemic, the 2020 competition was organized in a simplified way: there was one online round for everyone wishing to participate. CyBRICS 2020 also broke last year’s record in terms of the number of participants: it brought together almost 1,500 teams from all over the world, with 786 of them scoring better than zero. Thus, CyBRICS remains the largest sports hacking competition organized by a Russian institution.  


  • ITMO University Team Wins NordCTF With More Points Than All Other Contestants Put Together

    The final of the regional NordCTF cyber security contest took place in the St. Petersburg “Boiling Point” center. ITMO University team has managed to finish first with a fourfold margin. Our correspondent observed the competition and was lucky enough to talk to its hosts about computer forensics, hacker footprint tracking methods and the fate of the current winners. 


  • ITMO University Specialists Take First Place at International Competition VolgaCTF 2019

    The Russian city of Samara has recently hosted the international competition for information security specialists VolgaCTF. ITMO University was represented by two teams, LC↯BC and Kappa. We quizzed their captains on their training, new SPbCTF workshops season and benefits of sports hacking. 


  • Results are In: Online Round of ITMO University’s CtF Competition CyBRICS Comes to an End

    More than 750 teams from around the world took part in the recent online round of CyBRICS, a large-scale computer security competition for participants from the BRICS countries: Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Russia. As one of the event’s organizers, ITMO University will receive the winners of the qualifying round when they come to St. Petersburg in September to compete in the final round. The competition is developed and run by members of the SPbCTF community.


  • UniverSum Summer School: Competitive Hacking for School Students

    The coordinators of the SPbCTF project held a “Hacking and security” workshop for the participants of the  UniverSum  summer school which took place in Munich from June 27 to July 11. What makes  UniverSum  truly special is its unique educational approach: students are allowed to choose their own educational track. This autumn, SPbCTF will launch a new season of workshops on sports hacking for school children and students of St. Petersburg.


  • Ensuring Cybersecurity: Hacking to Stop Hackers

    At the end of April, Ekaterinburg hosted an annual Russian Cybersecurity Competition known as Russian Capture the Flag (RuCTF). ITMO University’s student team LC↯BC took the fourth place in the overall ranking and the second place among Russian teams. RuCTF is a team competition in cybersecurity when participants have to protect their own servers and hack the opponents’ servers. A team from Ural Federal University has been hosting this competition for more than ten years. ITMO.NEWS talked to Vlad Roskov and Alexander Menschikov, the coordinators of SPbCTF project which holds weekly seminars in competitive hacking at ITMO University, and asked them some questions about CTF.


  • ITMO Student Team Wins QCTF Starter Competition in Computer Security

    In late February, ITMO University became one of the 30 sites of the QCTF Starter competition. Each year, more than 300 teams from all around Russia take part in the event; this time, 43 teams competed at ITMO only. As result, one of ITMO student teams won the competition and took the first place in the national ranking. Lubov Yurtaeva, the team’s captain, speaks about the competition’s procedure and tasks, and training in hacking offered by ITMO’s SPbCTF team.