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  • Startup Connect: International Schools, Business Competitions, and Russian-Finnish Accelerators

    After almost three years of operation, the Startup Connect, a joint project of Russia and Finland, has come to an end. It is funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Finland. During this time, ITMO University and the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) have organized several startup festivals, international schools, and business camps.


  • SumIT School’s Best Projects: Vertical Farm, Diabetes Care, and Distance Learning Platform

    Over the course of two weeks, the participants of the SumIT+InnoCamp joint summer school listened to lectures of invited experts and performed practical tasks. You will learn more about the SumIT School’s results and its best projects in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Student Entrepreneurial Communities: Finnish and Russian Experience

    Can students organize the region’s largest startup festival? How do student entrepreneurial communities operate in Finland? And how can Finland and Russia cooperate in this field? These were the central questions of a strategic session that has recently taken place at ITMO University as part of the Startup Connect project. During the session, representatives of ITMO and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) shared their experiences of organizing these communities and discussed the opportunities for the development of joint initiatives in this field.


  • ITMO Delegates Discuss the Development of Public Spaces During a Visit to Finland

    ITMO University staff have taken part in the “The Baltics. Sails of the World” visit to Helsinki under the aegis of Startup Connect, a project forming part of the 2014-2020 South-East Finland – Russia cross-border cooperation program jointly funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia. Over the course of three days, the Russian delegation toured Finland’s largest creative spaces and startup hubs and discussed collaborations with the representatives of the region’s business community and administrations.


  • ITMO Students and Staff Take Part in Startup Festival *ship

    In the beginning of August 2019, students and staff of ITMO University took part in *ship, a major startup event in South-East Finland, as part of the Finland-Russia cross-border cooperation program’s project Startup Connect. This year’s event brought together 50 teams from more than 20 countries. Keep reading to find out what participants from ITMO University have to say about their experience sharing expertise with colleagues from abroad.


  • DigiRockStars Venture Fund Rep Steven Balliano: Don’t Go The Traditional Way

    It often happens that an idea you’ve been developing for a long time just can’t start off as a successful, profitable business. In a workshop held as part of the Startup Connect program, Steven Balliano, a specialist from the Finnish venture fund DigiRockStars, revealed the secrets of how to test your startup idea before the big launch and avoid the common mistakes the majority of startup founders make.