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  • Over 400 Clinicians From All Over Russia Attend (Non-)Conference at ITMO

    On July 16-17, ITMO hosted (Non-)Conference, an annual conference on evidence-based medicine, ethics, and social issues. The event is part of the non-profit educational project Doc2Doc and brought together over 400 medical specialists from all over the country. Learn more about this year’s topics and format in our article.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #5

    We’re back again with the key science news from the past couple weeks. This time, we’ve got: a rankings success, insights into the art of science communication, exciting nanoscience research, and summer schools for fledgling scientists.


  • ITMO Launches Russia’s First English-Language Master’s Program in Public Health Sciences

    What are public health sciences and what does a specialist in that field do? How has the pandemic affected the demand for health sciences experts? ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication is launching a new English-language Master’s program titled Public Health Sciences. We spoke to Anton Barchuk, head of the program, about its educational process and the career prospects of its graduates.


  • Principle of Collaboration Exhibition Launches at ITMO

    The exhibition was devised by students of the Master’s program Science Communication and the curator Olga Remneva in collaboration with some of the university’s own laboratories. The event offers members of the public an opportunity to explore the world of science through works of visual and audio art. The event will run until December 24 at the Art.ITMO.Residency (St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya Liniya 16).


  • ITMO’s SciComm Graduate on Psychological Education: The Topic of Mental Health is Still Stigmatized in Russia

    In this interview, graduate of ITMO’s SciComm Master’s program Ekaterina Beltyukova talks about her project, in which she analyzed services helping people find therapists, and explains what psychological education is and why it is important. 


  • Education Helps You Understand Things, Science Communication – to Explain Them: An Interview with ITMO University Graduate Daniil Shirokov

    Daniil Shirokov is one of the first graduates of the Science Communication program at ITMO University. By the time he started his Master’s studies, he already had a Bachelor’s degree in biophysics. Now, Daniil works as a science communicator at one of the biggest private clinics in St. Petersburg while writing a thesis on philosophy. ITMO.NEWS contacted him and found out what it’s like to switch from hard science to humanities, why a medical center would need a science communicator and how he studies the way scientific knowledge changes at modern universities.


  • ITMO University Graduates Organize Monthly Meetups For Science Communicators

    Last week, AKSON Young Professionals, a project aimed at creating a platform for experience exchange in the field of science communication, organized its first meetup. The project was launched by ITMO University graduates and members of the Association for Communication in Education and Science (AKSON): Elizaveta Dubovik, Ksenia Malchenko, and Sergey Belov. Read on to learn more about the project’s mission, challenges, and plans for the future.


  • SciComm at Sirius: ITMO Graduates Help Kids Explore Science and Art

    ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication and the Sirius Educational Center are intensifying their collaboration in the field of science communication: during workshops organized at the Center by ITMO graduates, school students learned about science communication and Art&Science and took part in discussions on technological modification of the human genome. Throughout the next year, more ITMO University students are expected to travel to Sochi to take part in similar initiatives.


  • Quizzing and Mythbusting: Medical Lab Initiative Comes to ITMO University

    On August 17, the Medical Lab nationwide event will be held in Russia with the involvement of the nation’s top scientists and medical professionals. In St. Petersburg, the event is going to take place at ITMO University and will be curated by Ilya Fomintsev, an oncologist and the head of the Ne Naprasno cancer prevention foundation. During the event, the expert will speak about the history of cancer and the myths that surround this disease.


  • International Journalists on Russian Science and Future of the Science Communication Community

    In late June, a group of international science journalists visited ITMO to learn about the university, its scientists and inventions, as well as other organizations that have become highlights of St. Petersburg's technological and innovation industry: the companies Gazpromneft and JetBrains. What’s more, the journalists participated in the Third Forum of Science Communicators. ITMO.NEWS spoke with them about their perception of Russian science, their experience of interacting with Russian scientists, the prospects of development for the scicomm community, and why science communication and journalism are essential for the society as a whole.