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  • Winter Break at Home: Staying Fit, Sane, and Entertained

    With self-isolation strongly encouraged, it falls on all of us to remain responsible and stay at home. But how do you stay fit, active, and in good spirits when spending the winter break indoors? We’ve prepared a round-up of all the great tips on weathering self-isolation, self-care, and keeping yourself entertained at home.


  • Holiday Spirit: How To Get It and Keep It

    The holidays! A magical time. But maybe you're just not feeling that festive spirit this time around? Perhaps you only need a bit of inspiration. We've tried to put together a list of all the different things that make each of us get into the holiday mood.


  • Our Mood-Boosting Strategies for the Winter Season

    As the days grow shorter and the skies – greyer, it’s only natural to find yourself feeling down a little more often than you’d like. And that is especially true in a city as northern and windswept as ours. That’s why we want to share with you some of the ways in which our team keeps their spirits up and their frowns upside down when dealing with the ol’ seasonal blues.


  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Virtual Travel

    Wanderlust getting you down? Here are some virtual tours to explore the world from your home, for free!


  • Sometimes It’s Important Just to Talk: How Volunteers of #WeAreTogether Initiative Help the Elderly During Self-Isolation

    During the period of self-isolation, the #WeAreTogether (#МыВместе) initiative has started in Russia with the aim of providing support to elderly citizens with limited mobility and medical workers. Over 100,000 volunteers all over the country are helping those who are experiencing an acute need in the simplest yet vital things: food and medicines. ITMO University students and staff have also been making their contribution. For some of them, this has been their first venture into volunteering. ITMO.NEWS spoke to them to find out how the work went and why they decided to answer the appeal for help. 


  • Love Your Sofa Like a Russian

    What kind of couch are you? Edgy? Flowery? Foldable? It’s easy to find out, and maybe learn a thing or two about your personality (even if jokingly) in the process. 


  • Our Ideas for Dealing with Social Distancing

    While permanently staying at home was, for some of the introverts among us, a long-held dream, it is now a reality for nearly everyone and is starting to become the norm – as much as anything can be “normal” today. It turns out that self-isolation isn’t as easy as it may seem; that’s why we’re learning new tricks, tweaking age-old habits, and trying to enjoy this strange time as best we can.


  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Creativity Galore

    Bored in quarantine? Here are some activities to get creative and have fun while you’re at it!


  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Activities and Courses

    Want to introduce some creative spark into your mundane stay-at-home existence? Here are some fun activities for you to try – and some free online courses to equip you with the necessary toolkit. 


  • Paint Like a Russian

    If isolation has you doodling, how about trying some traditional Russian patterns? Flowers and berries and all sorts of vines, colorful, joyful and just elaborate enough to bring out your calm, happy, inner artist.