I’ve taken some preliminary measures to survive this autumn and winter. Namely, I took a blood test to see if my body lacks any vitamins and other nutrients. As it turned out, I have a vitamin D deficiency, which is a very common thing in our not-too-sunny climate. It might cause lots of trouble, including a weakened immune system, depression, and fatigue. So, now I take high doses of vitamin D with complementary vitamin K2 and magnesium every day. I’d suggest taking a test of that kind to anyone, especially to people whose mood tends to worsen as days grow shorter.


Perhaps a trip to the magnificent Vyborg is in order? Credit: Timur Repin (unsplash.com/timurrrr)
Perhaps a trip to the magnificent Vyborg is in order? Credit: Timur Repin (unsplash.com/timurrrr)

Remember that simple gem of wisdom that you hear early in life – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, I’m not a big fan of lemonade, so when I feel blue or like in a rut, the first thing I make is coffee – freshly brewed, with caramel syrup, and soft, silky foam (this is, excuse me, a DAMN fine cup of coffee). Any coffee addict will get me: with each sip of coffee you feel more energized, cheerful, and inspired to do things. And now, head into nature! Even if the weather isn’t so great, just dress appropriately, turn on the music, and get your daily nature fix. After taking a walk, you will feel more energized, positive, and calm. It’s also a great way to clear your head. So, get your cup of joe (or any other hot drink), wrap yourself up, take a walking break in a park, and feel the magic while the city is gearing up for its New Year's festivities.


Jumping jacks – 30 seconds of jumping jacks – followed by 30 seconds of sumo jumps and 30 seconds of plank pose, all while a guy with a cute Australian accent is telling you that you’re doing a great job. He might not know you personally and has no idea that you’re really in your pajamas and your plank looks like a collapsing caldera but it doesn’t matter – he’s certain that you can do anything for 30 seconds and you tend to believe. In his Happy Hour video, he says: “The intention is to feel good, and we can all toast to that.” So cheers!


Much as last year, this November feels more like April with its unnatural warmth and occasional sunshine. So, whenever I feel down, I just trick myself into thinking it's already spring by doing something springish, like opening all the windows, cleaning the entire house, and making the hard decision to throw out some “priceless” trash like decade-old notebooks. Can't say that's a perfect solution, but hey – it really gets my mind off whatever's troubling me; plus, my place gets really neat and tidy.


Credit: Dave Photoz (unsplash.com/mirapolis)
Credit: Dave Photoz (unsplash.com/mirapolis)

November is challenging; I’ve never been more jealous of bears who can opt for hibernation. The first thing I could think of to fix my broken spirit was an obsessive consumption of pastry, but we’re here to give you a healthy piece of advice. Luckily, human beings are social animals and eating sugar is not the only way to release endorphins. This time, my friends are the best mood-boosters. The magic is – you don’t have to come up with anything special: having a cup of tea or watching a stupid comedy show with someone is enough for the medical effect to be produced. But my favorite scenario involves board games – a great substitute for outdoor activities we’ve sacrificed and a chance to experience the full range of emotions in a couple of hours. Accidentally ending up listening to funny school stories of someone who five minutes ago was considered my rival cheers me up like no bar of chocolate.