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  • ITMO Physicists Suggest Method for Mass Production of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Gas Sensors

    The detection of harmful gasses during production is made possible with gas sensors. A promising method of manufacturing these devices involves 2D metal-organic frameworks (2D MOFs). These are special porous hybrid materials with features that make them excellent sensors. Scientists from ITMO University have suggested a new production method that would result in 2D MOFs of record length and thinness – not only in lab conditions, but on industrial scale, too.


  • Finding Nanoparticles: ITMO Scientists Propose New Method for Discovering Nanomaterials With Desired Properties

    Researchers from ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster have devised an algorithm that can automatically detect the properties of nanoparticles, including their size, shape, and surface structure, based on their images and even sketches and find similar particles in its database. The novel system also works the other way around by informing users how to produce substances with the desired properties. Read on to learn how AI helps accomplish the challenges of materials science and what the scientists want to achieve with their research.