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  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Obvodny Canal

    Moving towards less and less touristy locations, we invite adventurous spirits to join us for a stroll down Obvodny Canal, take a closer look at one of the city's spookiest landmarks, and find beauty among industrial scenery.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Petrovsky Island

    While the weather gives us the last chance to enjoy the colors of the fall, join us on a walk around the island of the greatest potential in the city, now a sanctuary for yachts, skaters, and soon-to-disappear traces of past centuries.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Kolomna

    Unlike more flashy districts of the city such as Petrogradskaya Side or Vasilievsky Island, Kolomna remains low key. Some even confuse it with its namesake, a town in the Moscow Oblast. A bohemian and cultural gem, it shouldn’t be overlooked. 


  • Explore St. Petersburg Like a Local: Primorskaya

    The Primorskaya metro station (not to be confused with the neighboring Primorsky District!) and its surrounding area won’t amaze you with majestic cathedrals or narrow cobbled streets. What will you get, then? The answer lies behind the station’s name, which means “near the sea,” earned due to its proximity to the Gulf of Finland. So, brace yourself for spectacular views of the seaside, embankments, and hidden harbors (plus gusts of wind).


  • Explore St. Petersburg Like a Local: Vasilyevsky Island

    Guarded by an angel and a three-headed dragon, it hides a spirited courtyard that will make your dearest wishes come true. It’s not a fairytale, it’s a true story about Vasilyevsky Island!


  • Cult Rock Locations in St. Petersburg

    In the late 20th century, St. Petersburg was one of the key centers of underground art, including rock music, in Russia. Here’s a list of locations related to this era – some now defunct, and others still welcoming visitors.