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  • ITMO’s Buddy System

    The Buddy System is a dedicated project of ITMO within the ITMO.STUDENTS club system to help international students settle down in a foreign country, interact with local students, and provide support with the dormitory move-in, medical checkups and all the other necessary administrative procedures. A buddy is like your first friend in Russia who helps you with adjusting to campus life, making new friends, and building relationships with people who can help you navigate your academic and social experiences.


  • Get to know ITMakeup Club

    Polina, who is in love with makeup, entered ITMO University 2 years ago. She was surprised there was no club dedicated to makeup at the university. So she decided to create it herself.


  • Is There Room for Artistic Growth at a Technical University Like ITMO?

    ITMO University is known as one of the best places for those who want to excel in engineering, science, or innovations. However, despite such a heavy emphasis on technologies, it also gives students an opportunity to express themselves through art, something many people would not expect.


  • Dancing at ITMO

    Dancing. What is it? For someone it is modern street hip-hop, for others it is classics from the 19th century, and for somebody, the first thing that comes to mind is an unusual contemporary style. But, undoubtedly, all agree on one thing. Dancing is magnificent!


  • What Do ITMO Students Do in Their Free Time?

    When people think about students, they might imagine fun times. When people think about programming students, they may think about studying, libraries, and computers. ITMO students break all such potential stereotypes!