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Polina, who is in love with makeup, entered ITMO University 2 years ago. She was surprised there was no club dedicated to makeup at the university. So she decided to create it herself.


In February of the last year ITMakeup Club opened its doors for everyone who likes cosmetics. It was created for conducting masterclasses and lectures about makeup and self-care, as well as for organizing competitions and photoshoots.

Polina Guseva, chief makeup artist and one of the ITMakeup Club founders. Credit: Instagram @g.a.l.i.n.a.p.u.s.s.y.e.v.a
Polina Guseva, chief makeup artist and one of the ITMakeup Club founders. Credit: Instagram @g.a.l.i.n.a.p.u.s.s.y.e.v.a


ITMakeup Club runs offline and online makeup courses. The online course "Makeup artist by myself" for beginners in makeup ended. It was focused on how to take care of your facial skin, do smokey eyes and apply eyeliner. Makeup artists shared their lifehacks and shared recommendations of good cosmetics.

The offline course "Makeup Girl" started in early April. It was created to improve students' skills in professional makeup and to teach them how to do makeup for other people. The club provides students with cosmetics and brushes, gives them the opportunity to work with models and try themselves as a makeup artist at various ITMO University’s events. Students have to attend four master classes and pass the final test. The best graduates of the course will be able to join the ITMakeup team and receive certificates.

Makeup contests

During the existence of the club, it held three makeup contests: "MAKE IT UP", "SUMMER MAKE" and "Makeup_welcome". Each contest had a specific theme, and the participants had to do their makeup based on it. In total, more than 60 works were prepared for the competitions. As a prize, the winners received boxes with cosmetics, shadow palettes and photo shoots. Thanks to the contests, students discovered their talent for makeup, fell in love with cosmetics and even created their own beauty blogs.

Viktoria Petrochenko, the winner of the
Viktoria Petrochenko, the winner of the "Makeup_welcome" contest. Credit: Instagram @petrochenkoviktoriia


ITMakeup Club organizes significant and useful projects. ITMakeup.Individuals is a project created to get over the importance of self-love and self-acceptance to people. The ITMakeup team has a purpose to show everyone the uniqueness of beauty, to disclose girls and boys' individuality with the help of photoshoots. There is no editing in the photos, all defects and imperfections are visible. That’s what beauty is all about.

"I found out about this project in the beginning of the year, when I met the girls in Yagodnoye. I showed them some of my pictures. The girls were impressed, and they invited me to participate in their photoshoot. It was cool and interesting. I liked the atmosphere and the music on the shoot. I liked the suit that they picked out for me. Actually, I liked everything! And I would like to participate in such a project again," said Boris, a model.

ITMakeup.Individuals. Credit:
ITMakeup.Individuals. Credit:


Every two weeks ITMakeup Club organizes a movie night. Students bring sweets and drinks there and watch films or cartoons in a friendly atmosphere. Firstly, it helps students get closer and get to know each other better. Secondly, the films are not chosen randomly. Each movie night is dedicated to certain problems: finding your destination, public opinion, and self-acceptance.

In the future, ITMakeup Club plans to organize projects and photoshoots dedicated to other important social issues, to collaborate with other clubs and to create new makeup courses.

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Written by Dana Zhigunova