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  • Russia To Introduce a Register of Student Sports Clubs

    A unified state register of student sports clubs will appear in Russia, following the agreement signed by Evgenii Raskin, ITMO’s Vice Rector for Youth Policy, Sergey Seyranov, the President of the Russian Student Sports Union, and Evgenia Bychkova, the Executive Director of the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia, at the ninth national forum on topical issues concerning student sports.


  • Best Practices and Innovative Projects: Recap of National Student Sports Forum at ITMO University

    On December 2-4, ITMO University hosted the VIII National Forum devoted to the topical issues of further development of student sports in Russia. The opening speech was delivered by Grigory Gurov, the deputy minister of Science and Higher Education. The conference brought together the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Russian Student Sports Union, the Association of Russian Student Sports Clubs, and rectors of various Russian universities to discuss the county’s priorities in student sports and ways to develop student sports leagues and clubs. Here are the highlights from the meeting.


  • KronBars Named Best Russian Student Sports Club for the Fifth Year in a Row

    ITMO University’s student sports club KronBars won the Best Russian Student Sports Club competition, as well as took first place in the Best Marketing category. Dmitry Rusanov, general manager of the club, became the best student sports marketer for the second time, and Angelina Shulyakovskaya, the club’s digital manager, placed first in the Media Marketing category. We asked them to share how they manage to stay on top and what they thought of the victory


  • All About Sports at ITMO for Students and Staff

    At ITMO you can do both science and sports! Any member of ITMO.FAMILY can choose the sports club they like most and stay fit. Here are eight facts on how to do it. 


  • KronBars Named Best Russian Student Sports Club for the Fourth Year in a Row

    The competition is held annually by the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) with the support of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as the Ministry of Sports.


  • “St. Petersburg Games” Unite 12 Russian Students Sports Clubs’ Activists In St. Petersburg

    On 16-20 October, Kronbars, ITMO University’s student sports club together with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) organized “St. Petersburg Games 2019”, a national student club tournament. The even brought together 12 teams from all over Russia: from Ulan-Ude to Volgograd.


  • KronBars: Leading the Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Life as a student can sometimes be quite stressful: spending your busy days in classrooms, labs and in search for internships takes its toll. But if you are a student or staff member at ITMO University, then you have a great opportunity to become a member of the Kronbars Sport Club, giving you access to over 50 sports to get your heartrate up and brighten your mood. We sat down with the club’s head Evgenii Raskin for details. 


  • KronBars and ASSC Hold St. Petersburg Regional Forum of Student Sport Clubs

    This week, ITMO University’s KronBars sports club and the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) held the St. Petersburg regional forum of student sport clubs. Representatives of about 20 sports clubs from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region discussed motivation issues, attended workshops on teambuilding and sports events, as well as participated in a regatta on the Neva river.