I got into ITMO and want to do sports. How can I do it at the university? 

It’s simple: you need to pick a sports club you like and sign up* for practice in the Физическая культура и спорт (Physical Education and Sports) application on ISU (you can find it in the Календарь занятий (Class schedules) tab). After that, you can attend training sessions according to the schedule. If you want to stay fit and have fun, then choose the basic level. If you are ready for more, you can come to an open training session, where coaches will evaluate your skills and see if you can join an intermediate-level class. Finally, if you want to compete as a member of an ITMO team, you have to pass try-outs at the start of the semester and prove you are an asset for the team.

What if I am a member of staff? Can I also get involved in sports? 

ITMO lecturers and staff can also do sports at the university. The KronBars sports club has a special program for that, where members of staff can choose the sports they like and attend practice sessions. You need to fill in this form (in Russian) and within a week the program’s coordinator will get in touch, add you to the designated group chat for your sport, and answer any questions you might have about the training sessions. 

Credit: depositphotos.com

Credit: depositphotos.com

Which sports can I practice at ITMO? 

In total, students can practice over 50 sports: rowing, badminton, boxing, yoga, martial arts, table tennis, chess, checkers, sports tourism, and more. There are also team sports like futsal, volleyball,   handball, basketball, and others. For ITMO staff there is rowing, arm wrestling, fencing, ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, and futsal, as well as the opportunity to go to the gym. All sports clubs are free for students and staff.

If I practice sports at ITMO will that be counted as my Physical Education classes? 

Your training sessions at sports clubs are your PE classes, as ITMO doesn’t have your regular PE. Instead, there are 65 clubs in 50 sports: from basketball, table tennis, and fencing to rowing, floorball, and cheerleading. You get 5 points for each session you participate in, and you need to have 100 points by the end of the semester to get credit for PE in your curriculum. Contests are your chance to get more points – for instance, you get them if you participate in or win the #KronbarsGames tournament. The higher your result in a contest, the more points you can get.  

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Credit: depositphotos.com

Can I take part in inter-university competitions?

Yes, KronBars members take part in official tournaments and competitions. Those who train at a professional level can compete on behalf of ITMO. Those are for experienced athletes who represent ITMO University and KronBars in regional, national, and international contests.

Is this only for students or can staff also compete? 

ITMO staff and students can take part in open tournaments held by sports clubs. For instance, the table tennis club is known for its regular contests. Such events are always announced on VK – you can find links to pages of all sports clubs on the main KronBars VK page.

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Credit: depositphotos.com

Are there any special awards or trophies for achievements in sport? 

In Russia, there are special athletic titles given for specific achievements in various sports. If you want to work towards getting any of these titles, you will need to join a club of an intermediate or professional level and the coach will help you achieve them. Recognition through athletic titles is useful for those who want to become professional athletes or coaches in the future.  

What about esports?

There is a professional-level esports club – to join, you will have to try out at the start of the season, in September-October. If you don’t make the cut, you can still take part in open tournaments regularly held by the club that are always announced on their VK page

*You will be able to sign up to basic-level practice starting September 17. Between September 6-17 sports clubs will hold open training sessions (you don’t need to sign up for them), which you will be able to attend to pick the right club for you. Open training sessions for intermediate and professional levels will be held until September 30.