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  • ITMO Ranked Among Top 3 in Graduate Salaries in IT Industry

    The job-hunting platform SuperJob has published its research center’s annual ranking of Russian universities according to the size of salaries earned by young graduates in the IT industry. This year, ITMO was once again included among the top 3 – according to the data, the St. Petersburg-based university’s alumni earn an average of 200,000 rubles per month.


  • ITMO IT Graduates Among Top 3 Highest Paid in Russia

    According to recent statistics collected by the Superjob research center, ITMO University graduates earn on average 190,000 rubles a month already in the first five years after graduation. 


  • ITMO University Graduates Among the Highest Paid in Russia According to SuperJob

    According to a research by the SuperJob center, ITMO graduates get paid an average of 160,000 rubles a month as early on as in the first five years after graduation.


  • ITMO Graduates Get Top Salaries

    The Superjob research center published the ranking of Russian universities by the highest salaries their graduates who work in IT get. 20 universities got into the top; ITMO entered the top-3, becoming the only St. Petersburg university to get into the top-5 and shifting the Moscow State University to the 4th position.


  • IT Remains the Best Choice: SuperJob Webportal on 2017's Job Market

    The SuperJob web portal has published its forecasts for the job market. According to them, IT-specialists will continue to be in high demand, and the companies will compete for getting the best of them. This articles is on what the salaries for young IT-specialists will be, is there any point in studying the basics of programming and what kind of IT-specialists will be most sought-after.