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  • ITMO Hosts ITMO.KIDS Summer School

    The ITMO.KIDS children’s technopark has recently hosted a project-based summer school. The young participants used high tech equipment, developed devices, and worked in teams.


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Among Top Ten Innovative Companies in Education

    A contest to identify the top ten innovative companies in education was organized by Business Priority, the innovation platform of the Roscongress Foundation, with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, and the Agency of Strategic Initiatives. The winning projects were presented at SPIEF 2021. Among them was a project by NT-SPb, a company that’s been based at ITMO’s Technopark for over ten years creating nanolaboratories for schools. 


  • Machine Learning Hackathon by Botan Investments and AMZScout Takes Place at ITMO University

    A large-scale machine learning hackathon with a total prize fund of 425,000 rubles took place at ITMO University in March, with more than 100 people taking part. Among the sponsors were the company N.scouting and the Botan Investments foundation. Read on to find out more information about the hackathon’s tasks, winners, and rewards in this article by ITMO.NEWS. .find_in_page{background-color:#ffff00 !important;padding:0px;margin:0px;overflow:visible !important;}.find_selected{background-color:#ff9632 !important;padding:0px;margin:0px;overflow:visible !important;}


  • ITMO’s Technopark Resident MerkleBot Receives an Award at the World’s Largest Developer Conference

    The MerkleBot international project was founded by professors from ITMO University and Boston University, the USA. With its staff members coming both from Russia and the US, the company has now been honored at the world’s largest developer conference two years in a row. This year, MerkleBot presented a solution that won the DEVIES Award in Robotics. Read on to learn more about the conference, the award-winning solution, and the company behind it. 


  • ITMO.KIDS: A Technopark for Children

    January 17 is Kid Inventors’ Day. Every year, over 500 thousand children invent gadgets and games, construct and modify various robots and machines. ITMO’s technopark for children ITMO.KIDS is a place where a child can do that. It is a site where children can acquaint themselves with real professions, find a field to their liking, and even try their hand at business. ITMO.NEWS talked to the technopark’s head Aleksey Schekoldin about what does one start their project with if they have just started school, and what’s the point for schoolchildren to participate in startup contests. 


  • CEO of ITMO Technopark Resident NTC Pribor Talks Metallurgy and Entrepreneurship

    NTC Pribor, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, has spent almost twenty years working with major production plants and supplying them with cutting-edge equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. The company’s machine vision systems are currently being installed at a major PAO Severstal facility. The company’s CEO, Alexander Chernopolsky, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his company’s latest developments and the rules of survival in the Russian steel industry.


  • Teaching 3D Tech to School Kids in Moscow

    Caliber, the technopark for teenagers aged 14-17, is running for the fifth time in Moscow. Here, young enthusiasts learn about 3D modeling technologies, motion capture, and virtual, augmented and mixed realities. In cooperation with Caliber, the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics at ITMO University has developed unique courses with the participation of a special virtual guide, and has also become a partner of the technopark in order to help train high school students. 


  • ITMO.KIDS Technopark Gives Children a Glimpse of Future

    ITMO.KIDS - a technopark for children where they can learn about the professions of the future in a game format - has been recently opened at ITMO University. School students of any age will now have an opportunity to engage in robotics, game development and animation, bioinformatics, optics, natural sciences and entrepreneurship on a tuition-free basis. Following the first session, dedicated to robotics and circuitry engineering, Alexei Schekoldin, head of ITMO.KIDS, expanded on this new educational project.