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  • New Diagnostic System for Helicobacter pylori Detection Suggested at ITMO

    Scientists from the Research Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Biological Objects have come up with a new diagnostics system that detects Helicobacter pylori bacteria with a 98% accuracy level. The new device is easier to use and relies on Russian-produced components. How does it work? Learn from this article.


  • Results in 15 Minutes: ITMO Researchers Develop Device to Detect Antibiotics, Bacteria, and Viruses

    In accordance with the standards of flexible electronics, the new testing device is made from hydrogel and liquid metal, while data processing is handled by machine learning algorithms. Currently, the device consists of a potentiostat, an electrochemical cell, and a connected computer, but all the components will soon be a unified system complete with a user-friendly app. How does the device work? And what kind of tests can it already perform? Read on to find out. 


  • ITMO Scientists Develop All=Purpose Electrochemical Platform for Rapid Tests

    The new testing platform will be used to create devices for detecting viruses and antibodies to COVID-19, smart textiles for clothing that can monitor fluid and electrolyte balance, and robotized systems for detecting antibiotics in cow milk.


  • ITMO Researchers Create Algorithm for Predicting Vocational Interests

    The program analyzes numerous socio-demographic features such as gender, location, religious beliefs, and parents’ education, thus determining the vocational interests of a person. The research was presented at the 2020 International Conference on Control, Robotics and Intelligent System (CCRIS 2020).


  • ITMO University Avatar Project is Now in Beta Testing

    The testing of this project will undergo two phases. At first, 30 students will get access to the Avatar app in early September and use it for the entire month. Then, the next version will be tested by 500 volunteers.


  • VEEAM Specialist on How to Begin Your Career in Testing

    Who are testers? Which qualities and knowledge should they possess? What is their role in software development? Denis Polev, a QA manager at VEEAM, answered these questions and proved that testers not only look for bugs but, above all, use their logical thinking to foresee many scenarios. The webinar was organized by ITMO University’s Career Center.


  • Head of the .NET-Development Department at JetBrains Sergey Kux: Don’t Build a Process Just for the Sake of It

    Many companies are now turning to specific technical solutions in their pursuit to streamline business processes and improve communications between teams. For the .NET-development Department of JetBrains, these consist of CI-integrated merge robot and organizational silver bullets such as EAP (Early Access Program), Feature Freeze, and others. In his recent visit to ITMO, Head of the .NET-development department of the company Sergey Kux met with the university’s students and staff and told them about effective practices for managing the development processes that are used at JetBrains.