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  • Student Spotlight: Durhel Kibamba, Congo

    In a tale of ambition and cross-cultural exploration, Durhel, an international student from Congo, embarked on a journey to Russia in pursuit of higher education. With dreams as vast as the African savanna and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Durhel's adventure in the land of snow-capped landscapes has just begun. In this interview, he shares a lot about his homeland while shedding light on his experiences in his new home.


  • Student Spotlight: Ana Cristina Fierros Escobedo, Mexico

    What if the top destination on your bucket list becomes your study destination? Meet Ana, who always wanted to live in St. Petersburg and was finally able to bring her dream to life by becoming a student at ITMO. She is a first-year Master’s student in the Quality Management program and vlogging is one of her many hobbies. Read on to learn more about her personal experiences in St. Petersburg.


  • BizCycle Founders Develop Three New Bike Routes in Leningrad Oblast

    BizCycle, an international three-year-long project, is being developed together with Finnish partners. The BizCycle team held a meeting with representatives of small and mid-sized businesses and shared current outcomes of the project.


  • Get Outside: Socially Distanced Activities in St. Petersburg

    Though summer’s nearly at its end, there’s still plenty of time to find new experiences or rediscover old ones. But with the health concerns still looming over us, what are we left to do? Surprisingly enough, a lot of things! Let’s dig into the list of just a few of the exciting (and safe!) activities you can enjoy in St. Petersburg these days.


  • Suvorov Canals: Russia and Finland to Cooperate on Development of Important Historical Objects

    The project on the restoration and development of a complex of canals and fortresses located in the border territory between Finland and Russia unites seven organizations from both countries, including ITMO University. The Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems’ Center of Usability and Mixed Reality contributes as a technological partner – its remit includes the development of different multimedia and an interactive map of the project. 


  • Project BizCycle Named Among Winners of Good Communication Award 2019

    The project BizCycle, which aims to promote bike-based and eco-friendly tourism, as well as support small and mid-sized businesses, is a part of the South-East Finland – Russia 2014-2020 Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Program. Specialists from ITMO University, which serves as the project’s key partner, manage the initiative and provide it with IT solutions. A year after its launch in 2018, BizCycle received a prestigious award for contributions to internal and external communications during CBC Program’s second annual session in St. Petersburg.


  • South-East Finland – Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program: How to Get a Grant

    On December 10-11, ITMO University will host an event dedicated to the 2014-2020 South-East Finland – Russia cross-border cooperation program. As part of the event, the stakeholders representing both countries will be able to communicate with the heads of the projects implemented under the initiative’s umbrella and give their feedback. Apart from that, young scientists and students who in the future would like to submit their projects for a grant or gain the support of Finnish partners, will have the chance to ask their more experienced colleagues for advice and exchange contacts with the organizers and representatives of Russian and international delegations. More on the program, the projects and support available in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Tourism by Numbers: ITMO University Presents Projects at Saint Petersburg Travel Hub Expo

    The forum and exhibition Saint Petersburg Travel hub, which gathered members of the nation’s tourist community and participants from 57 regions of the country, has recently come to a close. This year’s Travel Hub coincided with the 23rd session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization. One of the forum’s topics was the digital transformation of the travel industry. ITMO University took part in the exhibition; its staff presented a number of interdisciplinary projects that weave together the history and culture of St. Petersburg with digital technologies.


  • SightSafari.City: Great Walking Routes in Every Part of the City

    Isn’t it great to gaze at some tourist attractions while walking home from work? Especially, in the summer, when it’s warm and sunny. But finding a route that would be short and interesting at the same time can be quite a drag, and we often end up choosing the shortest possible way. Egor Smirnov, a research associate at ITMO’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies, has developed a route generation algorithm called SightSafari.City, which is already available in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as in Belarus and Ukraine.


  • Tourist Routes for 2018 World Cup Host Cities by ITMO University

    This week, the FIFA World Cup is starting in Russia. The most dedicated fans will travel from one city to another to attend as many matches as possible. How can they get to know each city in such a short time? Ksenia Mukhina and Alexander Visheratin, researchers from ITMO University’s eScience Research Institute, have designed short routes for each FIFA World Cup host city.