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  • A Quick Getaway to Moscow: the Journey from St. Petersburg

    There are a lot of reasons to travel to Moscow from St. Petersburg and getting there can be a fun adventure in and of itself. For a city 700 km away, it’s surprisingly close. It may not be the geographical center of Russia, but it is its center in every other way. Moscow is the hub of all activity; where meetings and conferences are held; where people come from all around Russia to gather.


  • How to Get From Pulkovo Airport to St. Petersburg City Center

    So you’ve just arrived in St. Petersburg from who knows where, you’re exhausted, jetlagged, you don’t speak the language, and you just want to get to bed as soon as possible. Familiar? Here's how to do that with the least amount of fuss and without getting lost. 


  • Perfect Day in St. Petersburg

    It’s a beautiful June day in St. Petersburg, and a holiday on top! Here’re some of our favorite ways to spend a great day in the city.


  • Short Trips From St. Petersburg

    New food? New views? Insta-worthy pics? Take advantage of the upcoming May holidays to skip town and experience something amazing, not too far from St. Petersburg.


  • Travel Tips: Pskov

    An ancient Russian stronghold, Pskov offers a fascinating trip to the times of knights and hermits made easier with the introduction of a fast train service from St. Petersburg.


  • Travel Tips: Exploring Riga

    With its incredible mix of medieval, gothic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Soviet and contemporary architecture, Riga can be rightfully called the city of contrasts.


  • Sliding Trams, Sea Breeze, and Art Nouveau: Exploring Helsinki

    Modern, compact, and very green, Helsinki is the closest European capital to Russia and a nice place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of St. Petersburg!


  • Travel Tips: Incomplete and Subjective Guide to Summer in Tallinn

    Tallinn has been a traditional weekend trip destination for the citizens of St. Petersburg (or Leningrad) since the late 60’s. Only six hours by bus, and you can dive into the city’s truly medieval atmosphere. With its 13th-century Northern-European gingerbread houses and castle towers, Tallinn is a popular Christmas destination, but summer Tallinn offers even more treasures.


  • Travel Tips: Veliki Novgorod

    The ancient city of Veliki (Great) Novgorod offers a trip back in time and a taste of Russian culture and cuisine a few hours away from St. Petersburg.


  • Travel Tips: St. Petersburg to Finland

    When St. Petersburg was founded three centuries ago, Tsar Peter the Great envisioned it as a bridge between his country and Europe. Even today, St. Petersburg is likely the most international city of Russia, and it is a great starting point for journeys to its neighboring countries. In our series “Window to Europe”, we will examine the many places you can visit from St. Petersburg, suitable for both weekend trips and longer journeys. In this first article, we’ll be looking at Finland – our closest neighbor both geographically and at heart.


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