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  • Global Trends in AI and Robotics: ITMO Hosts 7th Educational Forum It’s Your Call!

    120 participants of the national student contest I Am a Professional have come to ITMO University for the seventh educational forum It’s Your Call! Over the course of a week, the students will attend lectures, go on guided tours of St. Petersburg’s top IT companies, develop their hard and soft skills at numerous workshops, and even take part in quickfire interviews. At the end of the event, participants will try to solve a case suggested by Sberbank, the event’s general partner, and present their solutions to an expert jury.


  • Colombian Scientist Juan Domingo Baena Doello on Wirelessly Charging Medical Implants Using Metamaterials

    Juan Baena, a professor at the National University of Colombia, is leading the research project Wave Processes in Medical Systems at ITMO University. His team is developing a wireless charging system for medical implants, including implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs), that will make non-invasive recharging possible. In this article, Prof. Juan Baena shares details about the ongoing project and explains how soccer brought him to science.


  • Quantum Physics Is Everywhere: FAQ With ITMO Quantum Physicist

    For this story, we reached out to the ITMO Fellow and quantum physicist Dmitry Karlovets and asked him every burning question we had about quantum physics: Is it really so hard? Why is it so popular? And when should we expect the first consumer-grade quantum computers? Read on to find out!


  • Immersive Theater: What It Is and Where to Experience It in St. Petersburg

    William Shakespeare once said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” His words have never been truer than ever since immersive theater hit the global scene. What is it and what’s in it for you? Let’s figure it out.


  • Nanolasers, MRI, and Cultural Heritage: ITMO University Wins Three Megagrants

    For the first time in its history, ITMO University has received approval on three megagrant applications at once. Soon, laboratories for optoelectronics, MRI, and cultural heritage studies will launch in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO University Holds Sixth International UX Conference WUD@ITMO

    The annual WUD@ITMO was held for the sixth time by ITMO’s Center for Usability and Mixed Reality to celebrate World Usability Day. 


  • Edible Food Wrap, Supplements for Bees and a Natural Antiseptic: Exploring New Applications for One of the Most Common Biopolymers

    At the end of February, the scientific conference “Prospects of Using Polyfunctional Components of Chitin and Chitosan in Food Systems” was held at ITMO University as part of strategic cooperation between ITMO and the Federal Research Center “Fundamentals of Biotechnology” of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientists from all over the country gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss the latest developments in chitin and chitosan research. ITMO.NEWS talked to them about new research in this field and various applications the common biopolymer can be used for  – from medicine to food industry and agriculture


  • A Mechanized Future: Sberbank’s Alexey Gonnochenko on the 10 Challenges of Robotics

    Last week, ITMO University hosted the Winter School "It's Your Call!". As part of the school’s educational program, an open lecture was given by Alexey Gonnochenko, the technical director of the Robotics Laboratory at Sberbank, the event's general partner. He spoke about the main challenges robotics is facing now, what tasks robots are solving in banks and what changes in this field can be expected in the near future. ITMO.NEWS has written down the main points.


  • Top Tech at CES 2020

    Artificial Intelligence, 5G connectivity and a Mercedes straight out of James Cameron's Avatar were only some of the highlights at CES 2020, which took place on January 7-10 in Las Vegas. Here’s what will be changing our lives in the near future. 


  • University of the Future: Russian and British University Officials Discuss Trends in Education

    This Thursday, ITMO University hosted a meeting of university officials from the UK and St. Petersburg, a follow-up to the First Forum of Rectors of Russian and British Universities that was held in Moscow. The key event of the day was a round table discussion on universities of the future. The participants talked about the best educational practices and ways to attract talent while discussing possible collaboration in the field of student academic mobility.