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  • Student Spotlight: Alperen Cihan, Turkey

    Alperen Cihan, a Bachelor’s student from Gaziantep, Turkey, shares his enriching experience as an exchange student at ITMO. From discovering new passions to embracing challenges, he offers insights into his journey and life in St. Petersburg. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Alperen.


  • Student Spotlight: Emre Can Eroglu, Turkey

    When you have a dream, the road to success appears in front of you. Such has been the story of Emre, an international student from Turkey who, driven by great ambitions, has come to ITMO to pursue his dreams. Currently a student of the Foundation Program, he will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering starting this September. St. Petersburg has lots to offer to satisfy Emre's love of history, art, and culture – and he's loving it. Read on and enjoy our amazing conversation with Emre.


  • Student Spotlight: Mehmet Berkay Bulbuloglu, Turkey

    Every year thousands of international students are admitted to various universities in Russia. What makes Russia such a popular student destination? Is it the charisma of the country or the innovative approach of its institutions? Let’s find out from Mehmet, an international student from Turkey.


  • Serhan Agrali: Visiting Silicon Valley Inspired My Major

    Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Serhan Agrali was just fourteen when he left his home town to pursue his dreams, leading him to travel and study in several countries, including the United States, China, and now Russia. He is currently a first-year student of the Bachelor's degree program in Software Engineering at ITMO University.