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  • Mathematical Modeling and Participatory Design: Urban Environment Competency Center Opens in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg will soon become home to the Urban Environment Competency Center aimed to create a comfortable environment for living in the city. ITMO University was one of the initiators of this decision.


  • Specialists of ITMO University's Institute of Design & Urban Studies Create a Mapping App

    Residents of the Porokhovye and Rzhevka municipal districts were offered to take part in a survey and tell the researchers about their usual routes. This data will then form the basis of the technical assignment for the idea contest run by the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg.


  • Art & Science Students Present Projects for Upcoming Creative Center in Gatchina

    The site of the former Gatchina dairy plant will become home to the MOLZAVOD Center of Culture, Art, and Education as early as this summer. The project’s strategic goal is to showcase the synthesis of science and art, which is why its curators have invited students of ITMO University’s Art & Science Master’s Program for a summer internship during which they developed various project concepts for the future venue. Their ideas include an open school of science and art, an AR-quest, an exhibition of endangered relict plants, and more. Learn more in our report.


  • Partying for Sustainable Development: How Festivals are Going Green

    Festivals all over the world regularly bring together thousands of people; few of them, however, are anywhere near as environmentally conscious as the Burning Man in Nevada, US, which leaves its desert venue even cleaner than it was before. Jürgen Forkel-Schubert, a senior expert on sustainable development at the Ministry for Urban Development and Environment of the City of Hamburg, explains how festivals can go green using Hamburg’s experience as an example.


  • ITMO Student Talks Urban Development in Northern Cities

    In Russia, there are many cities above the Arctic Circle that aren’t very comfortable to live in, to say the least. In such cities, paved roads are already enough to make people happy. Artem Nikolaev, a student at ITMO’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies, wants to change the situation in small Russian cities for the better. He shared his ideas with ITMO.NEWS.


  • SimCity IRL: How Citizens Help Urban Developers by Playing Board Games

    City dwellers often don’t have the chance to express their support or opposition to various urban development initiatives. And it’s not because there’s a lack of ways to do that, but that people may find it difficult to express their ideas. One way to solve this problem is to use a game-based approach, suggests Milena Ivkovic, an architect, game designer and head of Rotterdam-based company Blok74. She offers urban residents to play games as a way of showing the environment they’d like to inhabit in a simple, informal setting. Ms. Ivkovic explained her game-making process during a recent workshop at ITMO’s Institute of Design and Urban Science.


  • Smart St. Petersburg: Citizens Will Help Shape the City’s Future

    How can citizens address urban development challenges and let officials know about their problems? That’s what the “Smart St. Petersburg” project is about. The project aims to make the city more comfortable for all categories of citizens, and the main idea is that it’s the citizens themselves who should decide what needs to be done in the city. ITMO.NEWS talked to Sergey Drozhzhin, a research associate at the Institute of Design & Urban Studies at ITMO University, one of the project's authors, and asked him some questions about the project.