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  • WUD@ITMO 2022: Career-Building Skills and UI for Healthcare

    Since 2005, every second Thursday of November has been celebrated as World Usability Day (WUD), a day when UX and UI designers come together to share their cases and ideas on improving user experience. ITMO honors the occasion with its own international conference WUD@ITMO, which was held this year for the eighth time. Learn all about the main topics discussed at the event in this article.


  • Education With a Business Flair: All About Product Design Master’s Program by ITMO and Netology

    This September marks the launch of Product Design, the new online Master’s program developed by ITMO University in collaboration with Netology, one of the major online educational platforms. Students of the program will learn to create a user-friendly digital product tailored to the client’s request. Learn more about ITMO’s collaboration with EdTech companies and the program’s contents in this article.


  • ITMO Graduate Alexandra Zavorovskaya On Finding Her Path in UX Design and Teaching Through Practice

    ITMO isn't just a place where you can learn, but also a place to share your knowledge with others. For instance, the DesArm student club for design enthusiasts hosts free workshops and other educational events. Recently, ITMO graduate and lead designer Alexandra Zavorovskaya has launched her own workshop at the club. In this interview, we talk about Alexandra’s path in the field of design, the essential qualities of amateur designers, and  her experience of teaching design through practice.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Andrey Balkanskii on Keeping up With the Trends as a Lecturer

    CGI cartoons are what inspired Andrey Balkanskii to study design. He enrolled at ITMO to dive into this field and after gaining professional experience, came to develop his projects at his alma mater. Andrey Balkanskii also teaches specialized courses focused on UX/UI design and last year he won the ITMO.EduStars award. Why are lecturers like coaches and how can they keep up with the ever-changing trends? Read on to find out. 


  • Inclusive Interfaces and Useful UX Tools: Overview of the VII International WUD@ITMO Conference

    Established in 2005, World Usability Day started a series of thematic events around the world meant to serve as a platform for specialists in human-computer interaction and UI/UX where they can exchange their knowledge, opinions, and cases. One of such events is the International WUD@ITMO Conference recently held for the seventh time at ITMO University. Read on to learn what topics the conference addressed, how inclusive interfaces are created, and what are the best design tools for UX professionals.


  • Startup for Startups: How UXSprint Helps Projects Get Better Before They Even Hit the Market

    Elizaveta Afanasyeva, a participant of ITMO’s pre-accelerator talks about why her service is unique, it’s global mission, how in demand such services are and how it can develop further.


  • ITMO University Holds Sixth International UX Conference WUD@ITMO

    The annual WUD@ITMO was held for the sixth time by ITMO’s Center for Usability and Mixed Reality to celebrate World Usability Day. 


  • Internships at Huawei: ITMO Students Share

    How to get experience at a major company during your second Bachelor's year, find a great internship and meet your future employer in advance? You can get answers to these questions as well as help in writing a good resume at ITMO Career Center. The Center collaborates with leading Russian and international companies. Among them is the Huawei company where about 20 ITMO students and graduates work. Some of them shared their experience and advice.