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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #12

    Thinking about moving into the metaverse? In our latest science news roundup, we’ve got: answers to all your questions about the virtual world, a new Master’s track, an upcoming online learning platform from ITMO, and a summary of the university’s historical 24-hour science marathon.


  • Top Ten Questions from ITMO’s Endless Science Livestream

    This summer, ITMO held the longest popular science livestream at VK Fest: 24 hours in which researchers answered 700 questions from the audience. The star guests and viewers wanted to know when people will fly to Mars, if there will ever be a time machine, and what are the current frontiers in different fields of science. Here are the top ten questions answered by ITMO’s researchers.


  • ITMO’s Endless Science: Recap of the Longest Ever Popsci Live Stream at VK Fest

    What triggered the Big Bang? When will the first time machine appear? And what inspires scientists to keep pushing even after experiments fail? ITMO researchers and other guests did their best answering these and loads of other science-related questions during a 24-hour live stream at VK Fest. Here is how it went.


  • ITMO Graduate Dmitry 'Finargot' Plyusnin On His Career in Streaming and Russian Voice-over of Dota 2

    Dmitry Plyusnin graduated from the School of Computer Technologies and Control but has never worked in this field. ITMO.NEWS caught up with Dmitry to find out more about his Dota2VO media community, which he founded as a fourth-year student, and the first Russian voice-over of the popular game.


  • St. Petersburg Hosts 4th VK Fest

    This Sunday marked the second and final day of VK Fest in St. Petersburg, attended by tens of thousands of users of Russia’s biggest social network. Interestingly, this was the first time that VK had its own large zone at the event. Developers, admins and designers explained how to get a job at VK, how it works and how the 140 members of the support service manage to answer millions of questions. Four stages, a videogame and technology zone, a lectorium and VK Team’s lifehacks: here are the highlights of the second day of VK Fest.


  • VK Fest: Hi-Tech Entertainment, VR Gaming and ITMO Zone

    This summer’s largest open air, the VK Fest, is taking place in St. Petersburg. Popular bloggers, actors, athletes, artists and musicians performed on stage and conducted workshops. As usual, ITMO University participated in the festival with its own interactive zone. This year, it included three major sites: a future career expo, University of Children’s lectorium and a technological playroom.


  • Second Day of VK Fest

    The second day of the main open-air event of St. Petersburg – VK Fest – has ended. Just like on the first day, the organisers of each location provided visitors with a chance to dance, learn how to make friends, visit workshops, walk through famous museums in VR format, play computer games and also learn about how to create them on their own. ITMO.NEWS has written about several key locations at this year’s festival.


  • First Day of VK Fest: Sports of the Future

    St. Petersburg is host to the annual VK Fest. Bloggers, artists, athletes, craftsmen and musicians  made popular by the Internet perform onstage and hold workshops. ITMO University participates in VK Fest as well, setting up its own interactive zone. This year, the theme dominating ITMO University’s space is virtual sports. Visitors can try boxing and hang gliding, riding a bike and diving into the water - all in the same spot - just by putting on VR-goggles. Within its interactive zone, the University has also organized workshops on beginner robotics, 3D-printing, drones, gigantic spinners and hacking practices inspired by the “Mr. Robot” TV series.


  • French Master's Student on Coming to Russia and Differences from France

    Nicolas Jacquier, a Master’s student at the engineering school ESIEE Paris, has been working on an individual project for 2 months already as part of his internship at ITMO University. He is only staying for three months in total in St. Petersburg where he will work on Big Data visualization. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he spoke to us about why Europeans feel right at home in the city, the friendly relationships between professors and students, the pros and cons of writing a Master’s thesis and which European capital the city of St. Petersburg resembles the most.