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  • ITMO Technopark Resident Orbi Receives CES Innovation Awards in Wearables and VR/AR

    Orbi Prime, the world’s first wearable 360-degree camera glasses with a 4K resolution, were named among the best new innovations in two categories at CES 2018, the world’s largest technology and innovation show. The first batch will be released this August and shipped to the project’s backers. Orbi Inc. has been a resident of ITMO’s Technopark for a year.


  • Digitally Immortalized: How the Solovetsky Monastery is Finding a New Life in Virtual Reality

    Digital preservation of cultural heritage is becoming more and more trendy in both Russia and the world in general. The abundance of grants and commercial projects in this area signifies just how much the idea of digital preservation of historical, religious and cultural heritage of humanity is popular with the people; for that reason, numerous historical objects are now being memorialized in digital format. The Solovetsky Monastery, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is no exception. For the past year, ITMO University staff, in collaboration with the scientists at the Solovetsky conservation area, have been working on creating a digital representation of the monastery, including a virtual 3D model of the monastery as it appread in 16-17 centuries, as well as an interactive map and virtual tours on the monastery grounds using Video 360 and Unity 3D technologies.


  • Amusement or Science: The Role of Modern Museums

    Some sources say that January, 31st is Kunstkammer's (Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) "birthday" - though the administration of the 300-year old museum denies it. This green building with a peculiar tower atop can well be the first museum that was created to popularize science, but can one call the idea scientific? And what is a science museum, anyway? Do they contribute to promotion of scientific worldview, or entertaining the public is the only thing they are good at?


  • Video360Production Becomes Samsung Russia’s Official Partner

    ITMO's Video360Production project has signed a cooperation agreement with Samsung Russia. Together with Russia Today and ECM VR Films Festival, Video360Project is now an official partner of the Korean company in the field of VR content. Now, videos made by the team from ITMO University are available in the Samsung VR service.