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  • Dare to Be: ITMO Launches Digital Project on Women in IT and Science

    IT, science, business – is it all a man’s world? ITMO University has asked women to answer that question and share their experience of overcoming fears and stereotypes on their way to their goals. The first four stories are featured in a short clip, but anyone can join the initiative: all you need to do is share the story of your first steps into IT, startups, or research on social media using the hashtag #девочкасмелее (Russian: “Girls, dare to…” – Ed.).


  • On March 8 We Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. In Russia, this special day has been celebrated since 1913 and became a public holiday in 1965. 


  • Developers Present Projects at Girls4Tech Hackathon

    This summer the Girls4Tech project school for female programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs was launched in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is organized by ITMO University, the Moscow Polytechnic University and the Moscow office of international accelerator NUMA. In late August, a hackathon was held as part of the program. Participants from both cities met at ITMO University in the offices of the IdealMachine accelerator to try and solve case tasks from ITMO University and the Petrovich and Bayer companies. 


  • ITMO Student Among Winners of Google Code Jam to IO for Women

    Collegiate programming is often seen as a male-exclusive activity. Women participating in major competitions are seen as exceptions to the rule. Daria Yakovleva, third-year student and assistant at ITMO’s Computer Technologies Department, thinks that women are just as capable at coding and algorithm creation as men. She would know – Daria has placed 9th in Google’s Code Jam to IO for Women. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, she talks about women in programming and how she found her calling as a programmer.