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  • From Tour de France to the World Cup: Cryosaunas Developed at ITMO University

    The World Cup is nearing its conclusion and this Sunday, July 15, France, and  Croatia will face off in the final game. To recover from intense training, athletes use cryosaunas developed at ITMO’s Cryogenic Technology Department. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexander Baranov,  head of the department, about cryosaunas and cryotherapy’s effect on the human body.


  • Five-Minute Fan Guide to FIFA World Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg

    “Next station: Nevsky Prospect, FIFA Fan Fest,” says an announcer in plain English in St. Petersburg metro. From bilingual tram conductors to a bar that spans the length of a shopping mall to free shuttles, St. Petersburg is all set to host the matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia that kicks off today. Whether you’re a football fan or just want to participate in the festivities, here’s how to have the most fun.


  • Exploring the St. Petersburg Metro

    The St. Petersburg Metro, which is turning 63 years old this year, is often said to be one of the world’s most beautiful underground transit systems. Many guests and natives of the city even go on guided tours of the stations, the interiors of which reflect the turbulent history and culture of the USSR and Russia. From the newest additions to time-tested classics, here are the must-see stations to see on your visit to St. Petersburg.


  • St. Petersburg Prepares for World Cup 2018

    In just a month, Russia will host its first-ever FIFA World Cup football tournament. St. Petersburg will host seven of the tournament’s 64 games, including the one that will decide the third place winner. An estimated million football fans will come to St. Petersburg for the events. The city has changed greatly in preparation for the cup - here’s what you need to know about this summer in St. Petersburg.


  • Fan-zone, Optoclones and Cat Achilles - St. Petersburg's Ready For Confederations Cup

    On June 15, the House of the Journalist on Nevskiy prospect hosted the openings ceremony of the press center for the Confederations Cup 2017's non-accredited journalists. During the course of the year's most important football event, any visitor to the press center will have the opportunity to see ITMO's special exposition dedicated to St. Petersburg – Confederations Cup's flagship city.