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  • First Phase of ITMO Highpark Unveiled to St. Petersburg Government

    A council of the St. Petersburg Government has reviewed the project of ITMO University’s second campus, which will be located in the satellite city Yuzhny, a part of the city’s Pushkinsky District. Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University’s Rector, and Daria Kozlova, its First Vice Rector, took part in the online video conference. According to the project, ITMO University’s second campus will make efficient use of social contact by providing a unified environment for studies, research, and living.  


  • Yuzhny Satellite City to Feature New Transport Hub

    A major transport hub included in the first stage of the development of the Yuzhny satellite city will streamline the passenger flow of all modes of public transport: buses, trains, and a new light rail tram line. The Yuzhny satellite city is a new district of St. Petersburg that will feature a comfortable urban environment and new attraction centers for the development of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast. It is also the site of ITMO University’s new research and innovation campus ITMO Highpark.


  • First ITMO Highpark Objects Successfully Pass Public Hearings

    The ITMO Highpark JSC has successfully passed its first public hearings for the conditionally authorized use of a site for the construction of phase-one objects of the new science, education and innovations-focused center ITMO Highpark in St. Petersburg’s Pushkinsky District. This site will be used for the phase-one construction works, housing a study building, dormitories, research centers, and a sports and recreation center with a swimming pool. 


  • Voting Begins as ITMO Highpark Exhibition Opens in St. Petersburg

    From November 22 till December 15, 2018, an exhibition of concept designs for ITMO University’s new campus and innovations center Highpark will be hosted in the ITMO building at Lomonosova St. 9. Students, staff and guests can learn about each of the four architectural proposals and cast their vote by filling out a form on the spot or taking the online survey.


  • Top Russian and European Firms Present Concept Designs for ITMO Highpark

    On November 17, the first session of ITMO Highpark’s international expert council was held as part of the 7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The discussion revolved around proposed architectural and planning solutions for ITMO University’s innovative new campus in the Yuzhny satellite city, in the Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg. Design concepts were showcased by bureaus from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria and Russia. After reviewing the proposals, the international expert council is expected to pick one that will determine the future look of ITMO Highpark.


  • St. Petersburg Governor Poltavchenko Elected as ITMO Highpark Chairman of Board

    The decision was made during the first session of ITMO Highpark’s Board of Directors. Highpark is a new scientific, educational and innovative center in the south of St. Petersburg. The meeting itself was held on December 20 at ITMO University. Also present at the session was Nikolay Nikiforov, the Russian Minister of Communications and Mass Media. Mr. Nikiforov noted that this project will take the form of a complete ecosystem aimed at supporting research, innovative projects and the quality of life for young specialists.