"IIS" was founded in September 2015. Its initial team was made up of graduates from ITMO University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnical University. The company already has partners from amongst the university’s small innovative enterprises, together they develop inertial tracking systems, medicine, sports, and indoor navigation devices. There are also partners from outside the University, with whom the company works together on solutions in the field of Big Data. Due to the work of IIS, work was completed on SaaS service for checking data about companies in Russia.

IIS also focuses on such areas as the Internet of Things, image recognition and speech recognition, and interfaces for human-computer interactions.

"From our perspective, all these areas have huge potential. I think that in the future this field will play a major role in the world market. More and more services and products are becoming digitized, the rapid development of M2M and artificial intelligence technologies contributes to rapid progress in robotics. We already have ideas for the company’s long term development, and even at this point the company is already showing positive, rapidly growing dynamics. We will assist the company in whatever ways possible: we will help promote the product on the international market, and create a successful marketing strategy and advertising. Of course, we will use unconventional and innovative approaches in this work to achieve the desired result." explained Paul Recke who was involved in the deal.

According to Alexei Martynov, the co-founder of the company "Intelligent information systems" such cooperation will bring new ideas to the work of the small innovative enterprise and will contribute to the company's further growth. Also, the management hopes to create new ties in the industries their new investors have experience in — from advertising to nuclear power.

"ITMO University is interested in developing its small innovative enterprises. This way, we show that the University’s R&D is successful not only within the scientific community, but also on the market. Then, both our staff and the University’s future graduates can look for new ways to apply their scientific knowledge and experience, as well as obtain new business and entrepreneurial competences." — explains Aleksander Ostroukhov, head of the SIE Cooperation Office.

Denis Zhuk, the commercial director of "IIS", says that in 2016, the staff of the enterprise was mainly engaged in refining their main technology — the Akilio system that uses elements of artificial intelligence, and completing custom orders. Within the one year of IIS’s existence, the team has successfully implemented more than ten projects for clients from various industries, while taking the company to a good level of turnover, profitability and other important indicators. In 2017, the entrepreneurs will be focusing on commercializing their services and products (ready-made solutions for B2B and B2C) in Russia and promoting them in the European and Latin American markets. Attracting new members to the team will contribute to the fulfillment of company’s plans, adds Denis Zhuk.

"Closing this deal was very important for "IIS": both in terms of further development, and promoting of a product created within ITMO University. When the company gets new partners who are private investors, this means more opportunities. In this case, our team’s task is to use these opportunities to the maximum possible extent," concludes Nina Yanykina, Head of the Project Management and Innovation Department.