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  • Student Spotlight: Muslimbek Abdurakhimov, Uzbekistan

    In this interview, we meet Muslimbek, a first-year Master's student of big data and machine learning at ITMO who shares the essence of his hometown, the driving force behind his venture into machine learning, and his vibrant life beyond studies. A true enthusiast, Muslimbek effortlessly balances academia with a myriad of hobbies. Join us for an inspiring conversation as we uncover his unique journey, offering a glimpse into the soul of a machine learning aficionado.


  • Student Spotlight: Affandy Fahrizain, Indonesia

    Meet Affandy, a recent graduate of ITMO’s Big Data and Machine Learning program, who comes from the vibrant archipelago of Indonesia. In this interview, he takes us on a captivating voyage through his experiences, sharing the highs and lows of his life in St. Petersburg, his hobbies, and a glimpse into the enchanting traditions of his homeland. Read on!


  • AI Plus Chemistry: Lab Robots, Drug Development and More

    As science grows more complex, successful researchers have to rely on more than experiments and calculations: AI is quickly becoming indispensable. Predicting the properties of molecules and materials for drug delivery, synthesizing compounds with set properties, and developing new materials – these are just a few of the tasks flawlessly accomplished by AI. For this article, we turned to ITMO’s Nikita Serov, an engineer at the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry, to talk about the doors opened by AI in natural sciences.


  • New Master’s Program at ITMO: Design and Development of Big Data Systems

    This year, ITMO is launching Design and Development of Big Data Systems, a new Master’s program that will train students to work with distributed big data systems, develop machine learning models, and perform analytics. Graduates of the program will work as data engineers, data architects, machine learning engineers, or backend developers. We took a closer look at the new program.


  • Passing Exams, Writing Papers, and Describing Art: Why Neural Networks Won’t Replace Scientists, Writers and Journalists

    A new version of the ChatGPT chatbot, belonging to the acclaimed GPT-3 family of language models, was published in late November. The developers made significant updates to the chatbot, adding a plethora of new features – for instance, the neural network is now capable of producing texts in a specific style, coming up with arguments that support its statements, and making references to its sources or specific works of literature. As it turns out, it can even write an essay for the Unified State Exam in the Russian language – such an experiment was conducted by philologists from the Higher School of Economics along with Andrey Getmanov, a student of ITMO’s Big Data and Machine Learning Master’s program. We spoke with Andrey to better understand the capabilities of neural networks, and find out whether they will replace scholars, writers, and journalists in the near future.


  • ITMO’s Megabyte Media Announces New Data Journalism Hackathon

    The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs has announced the results of this year’s national contest for university-based youth projects. ITMO’s student media Megabyte won one of the 2 million ruble grants. Since 2015, Megabyte has been running ScienceMedia, a national student forum, and this year’s event will be supported by the grant. Here is what to expect at the forum. 


  • Student Spotlight: Ashish T.S. Ireddy, India

    Ashish from Bangalore, India is studying big data and machine learning at ITMO and planning to apply what he learns in healthcare to provide better treatments and address various diseases more efficiently. He is curious about the world and passionate about football. Read on to learn more about his intriguing field of studies and his experience in St. Petersburg. 


  • Continuing Professional Education: Big Data for Managers – Law and Marketing for Developers

    ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Research has launched a slate of continuing professional education programs. These courses will help economists, managers and lawyers learn more about big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. IT specialists, in turn, will have the chance to study marketing, law, or public relations.


  • ITMO PhD Student ‪Ksenia Balabaeva Wins Science Slam Big Data

    Science Slam is a science popularization project consisting of brief scientific stand-ups. The task of the scientists is to present their research in the most interesting, dynamic, and rousing manner. Winners were chosen by voting among the audience.


  • ITMO University Participates in Personal Digital Certificate Program

    The courses by ITMO University helped over 350 students of various majors acquire new knowledge and skills in big data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.