As a team, ITMO students got 19th place in the overall standing with 163,8 points. For comparison, Moscow State University finished 16th with 174,20 points. Most of the team's participants have already participated in IMC in the previous years. This was not the first time that Gennadiy Korotkevich got First Prize at the world's unofficial championship in mathematics; for Dmitriy Yakutov, another student of the Computer Technologies Department, this was the second time he got Second Prize, and Alexei Latyshev has already received both Second and Third prizes in the previous years. For the team's two other members - Anna Belolipetskaya from the Department of Advanced Mathematics and Javlon Isomurodov from Computer Technologies Department - this year’s participation in IMC-2017 was a debut.

Participants of ICM-2017. Credit: social networks

"The problems in this competition are more conceptual; you have to spend more time on inventing original solutions rather than using some rote techniques. All of them are quite complex, as well. IMC is one of the world's most prestigious competitions, if not the most prestigious one, and I really wanted to win," shares Dmitriy Yakutov.

The competitions took two days; each day, the participants were given 5 hours to solve five tasks - all in all, they were offered ten problems devised by representatives of different universities. According to the participants, this timespan is standard for many contests, both school- and university-level ones, and is sufficient to work on every task given.

ITMO's team was trained by the university's lecturers: Alexander Ryzhkov, Associate Professor at the Department of Advanced Mathematics, Tatyana Rodina, Assistance Professor at the Department of Advanced Mathematics, and Vitaliy Aksenov, PhD student at the Computer Technologies Department. Traditionally, Igor Popov, Head of the Department of Advanced Mathematics, accompanies ITMO's teams to the contest.

Credit: social networks

The final lists of Team and Individual results for IMC-2017 are available on the competition's official website.

We'd like to remind our readers that IMC has been conducted since 1994; this year, it was organized by University College London and American University in Bulgaria.

The competition's participants are given tasks from different fields: algebra, analysis, geometry and combinatorial theory. Over the course of the last 24 competitions, students from more than 200 educational institutions from more than 50 countries took part in IMC.