In the ranking, each university’s web resources are evaluated based on four indicators of different weight, each representing the effectiveness of an educational institution’s online presence. They are: Presence, which is based on the number of Google-indexed web pages hosted on the university’s main web domain; Openness, which is based on the number of citations in academic networks; Excellence, which represents the university’s citation rate based on SCImagoLab data; and, finally, Visibility, which makes up 50% of the total score and indicates the number of links on external websites leading back to a university’s web pages.

Last July, ITMO University improved its positions in the global ranking, but stopped short of the Russian top-5, placing sixth. In this new edition of the ranking, the University succeeded in moving up 133 places in the global ranking, and two places in the national ranking, placing 650th global and 4th in Russia.

Six months after the previous ranking, ITMO University shows positive growth in all four indicators. Its Visibility indicator has increased by 14 points (for a total of 630), Presence – by 147 points (for a total of 606), Excellence – by 2 (for a total of 907). The most notable improvement concerns the Openness indicator, where changes in methodology meant that more scientific articles have been included in the count, increasing ITMO’s number of Google Scholar citations by 10,114.

Among the world’s top-1000 according to Webometrics are ten Russian universities, same as in the previous edition of the ranking. These are: the Moscow State University (222), St. Petersburg State University (424), the Higher School of Economics (562), ITMO University (650), Tomsk State University (701), MEPhI (718), St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (805), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (836), and Kazan Federal University (864).

In the lead-up to the publication of this ranking, the Transparent Ranking has also been updated. ITMO University has returned to the ranking, improving its positions and placing fourth among Russian universities, with its citation rate rising to 116,749. The St. Petersburg State University is in the first place with 334,411 points, the Higher School of Economics is in the second place with 234,276 points, and the Moscow State University is third with 130,467 points. The latest update to this ranking has prompted the changes to methodology in the latest edition of the global ranking.

The Webometrics ranking has been published since 2004 and is considered one of the most authoritative global online rankings of the world’s universities. Its methodology is based on the analysis of universities’ representation in the global information space and allows for the evaluation of institutions’ educational and scientific achievements. The goal of Webometrics is to assist universities in publicizing their scientific successes and presenting them to the wider audience.

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