This year’s ranking includes 1,748 universities from 86 countries around the world; the published list includes 1,500 higher education institutions. Universities are included in the ranking on the condition that they are found in a global top-250 list according to a worldwide reputation survey conducted by Clarivate Analytics (owners of Web of Science) or that they’ve met the minimum threshold of at least 1,250 papers published in 2014 to 2018.

The ranking’s evaluations are based on 13 indicators. These include publication activity, citations, and global and regional research reputations. The data used to calculate these indicators is collected with InCites, an online analytics tool that is used to assess and compare scientific organizations and research using information from Web of Science.

Three quarters of the ranking criteria are concretely verifiable, seeing as they are based on the data provided by InCites and Web of Science. In addition, the weight of expert opinions (25%) is relatively small, and more than 80% of the experts are members of educational and scientific communities.

ITMO University in BGU

ITMO University
ITMO University

This year, 24 Russian universities were included in the ranking (compared to 17 last year). ITMO University once again demonstrated notable growth, rising up by 34 positions from the 725nd to the 718th spot while remaining the 9th top-rated Russian university. Among European universities, ITMO moved close to the top 300, having placed 304th.

In addition to the overall global ranking, the company also publishes a number of subject rankings. According to this year’s results, ITMO University has improved its standing in the following fields:

  • Physics – 311th spot (337th in 2019);
  • Engineering – 301st (399th in 2019), an improvement by 217 positions (ITMO was ranked 518th in 2018);
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering – 139th (215th in 2019). ITMO remains the only Russian university on the subject ranking;
  • Materials Science – 289th (300th in 2019);
  • Chemistry ― 534th (606th in 2019).

ITMO University
ITMO University

ITMO also made its debut in the following subject rankings, becoming a leading Russian entrant in both:

  • Computer Science – 350th. In this subject ranking, ITMO took over another Russian newcomer – Lomonosov Moscow State University, which is currently ranked 380. As of now, ITMO and MSU are the only two Russian institutions on the list.
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – 164th. This ranking, too, currently includes only two Russian entrants – ITMO and Lomonosov Moscow State University (ranked 182nd). The ranking is one of the ten new subject rankings introduced this year; the Best Global Universities ranking currently covers 38 different subjects.

To learn about ITMO University’s performance in the ranking in full detail, visit its page on the ranking’s official website.

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