Keep Calm and Stay Productive

Things have been a bit crazy all around the world, people coming from other countries put in self-quarantine, people with the flu sent to the hospital to get checked up, we’re all on edge at the moment, but let’s focus on the positives!


Students at our university are currently studying online! Today, when I left the house, it was a beautiful sunny day. I had my headphones on and was listening to "here comes the sun and it’s alright". Are we all alright?

Life can be hard sometimes. Usually, it’s hard for each of us separately but this time it’s hard for the whole world. People are panicking and it’s understandable (except for lack of buckwheat in Russian stores, that I cannot understand). And the most useful thing that we can do is to think about each other and about ourselves.

Being away from nightclubs, friends and sometimes even family is difficult but necessary. Take this time you have now, to finally do something you have always wanted to do! Read the book you always didn’t have time to read; take the online course about drawing, soft skills, Python; learn French or Spanish or German; start blogging. We always say that we don’t have time for it. So maybe now, it’s time.

And don’t forget about video calls, messages, and voice messages. This is a pretty cool century for being self-isolated. But you can always look to great historical examples, like Pushkin, who during the Cholera epidemic, self-isolated and missed all the balls and parties. All he could do was write poems. This was his most productive writing period, forever known as "Boldinskaya Osen" [Болдинская осень; Autumn in Boldino].

We solved problems like that many times in the past and we’ll do it again. So don’t worry, please. Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. Take a Deep breath, keep calm and wash your hands for 20 seconds. The sun will come and it will be alright.

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