Five Reasons Why Volunteering for Dogs Is the Best Way to Spend Your Weekend

I sincerely believe that human kindness is a powerful force. Amid negativity, fatigue, and city bustle, people continue to help those in need. What inspires me the most is the students' drive for volunteering. ITMO’s Paws of Help student club is a great example.


I joined the club at the beginning of the fall semester. After coming to the dog shelter for the first time, I immediately fell in love with all these marvelous animals. Now, I encourage you to try volunteering for dogs. Why?

Reason #1: It will make you happy.

If you feel like you want to help homeless animals, but cannot make up your mind, you found this article at the perfect time.

Do it. I know that all people are different, but I firmly believe that those with kindness inside (which you are, if you think about volunteering) will like it. To me, it turned out to be the best way to be happier. What if it is the same for you?

Dogs on a walk. Photo by author.
Dogs on a walk. Photo by author.

Reason #2: Dogs give you energy.

The one who didn’t try it probably could retort that it’s the opposite; it’s YOU who spends all your energy to run with a dog (actually, two or three, as there are many dogs and not so many volunteers). Even though you are doing a good thing, at the end of the day, you are exhausted. Well, if you think so, you didn’t try it. :)

I bet there is no place in the world where you are sooo anticipated! Homeless dogs miss people and adore attention. Once you give it, they will pay you back with twice as much love and gratitude.

Reason #3: It is communication.

Do I have to say that volunteers are super cool?

During the time of visiting dog shelters, I met so many interesting people. ITMO students, people from other universities and colleges, graduates, organizers, regular volunteers, and newbies… You probably see some of these people every day at the university between classes anyway, but believe me, you would love to get to know them better! What is so special about volunteers? They have big hearts. :)

Reason #4: It is good for your health.

Nobody canceled the importance of physical activity. Especially when it’s far from the polluted city air. Especially under the warm spring sun. Especially after a long week of classes. You can take a calm dog and walk around for an hour, or you can choose a crazy puppy that will share your desire to run around the park for no rational reason. Anyway, it is healthier than watching TV on your sofa. ;)

Volunteers walking a dog in a forest, Leningrad Oblast. Photo by author.
Volunteers walking a dog in a forest, Leningrad Oblast. Photo by author.

Reason #5: It fits everyone.

You don’t have to pass an interview or write a letter of motivation to go to the shelter. You don’t need any special skills. You don’t even need to have a lot of free time. No requirements. The great thing about volunteering is that animals and shelter workers will be grateful for any help, no matter who you are.

I was looking for adventure, emotions, and inspiration, and volunteering for dogs gave me all of that. Apart from all the reasons above, visiting homeless dogs is the easiest way to become a better person. Shall we?

Written by Iuliia Stepanova