Best Ice-Skating Rinks in St. Petersburg

Winter in Russia can be cold and dark, but there are a lot of activities you can do during this time of year to warm up and have some fun. In St. Petersburg, you don’t even have to travel outside the city to participate in one of the most popular winter sports — ice skating! This city has a lot of different ice rinks you can visit and explore. I've chosen the three best rinks that anyone can visit this winter to get some holiday cheer and spend quality time together with loved ones.


New Holland

Perhaps the best known out of all the ice rinks in St. Petersburg, the New Holland rink is definitely a must-visit! It’s located in the center of the city on an artificial island dating from the 18th century. The rink is surrounded by beautiful historical architecture and culture. The island was originally used as a naval port by Peter the Great, then as a prison in the 19th century and later a radio station in the early 20th, before being revived to its current glory in the 2010s by an art foundation.


The New Holland ice rink is around 2,000 square meters, which is the smallest of all the ice rinks on this list. It’s open from November 13 to March 13. You can rent ice or hockey skates at the rink for 450 rubles, or you can bring your own. The seal-shaped skating aids are free. It might be better to buy tickets online in advance, just in case they sell out, seeing as New Holland is a very popular place for people to visit, especially during the holidays.

While it may be more expensive to skate here compared to other places, there’s always something special going on. Every year you can find different mascots skating on the ice to take pictures with. In 2021−2022, they had a DJ playing all sorts of music. You are sure to have fun at this ice skating rink!

Yelagin Island

This is also an ice skating rink located on an island. Originally a royal residence, Yelagin Island is currently the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. On the island you can find the Museum of Russian Arts and Crafts, as well as the Museum of Glass Art. Yelagin Island has cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions year-round for people of all ages. No matter the season, there are always many people walking around the park, admiring all the stunning nature.

Recently, on December 22, 2021, a new ice skating rink was opened on the island. This giant ice rink is 4,000 square meters. It’s open until the end of March, or until temperatures reach 8 degrees Celsius. On Monday to Thursday, the rink is open at 8:30—21:00, and on Friday to Sunday it’s open at 8:30—23:00. Additionally, at 9:00—11:00, entrance to the rink is absolutely free! More details can be found on the website.

You can bring your own skates or rent them for 300 rubles per hour. Using the cloakroom or a skating aid is free. It’s also possible to rent protective equipment for 100 rubles per hour. Keep in mind that it is necessary to leave a deposit of 2,000 rubles for the skates and 500 rubles for the protective equipment, which will be returned after you’re done skating. It’s possible to buy tickets online or in person.

Sevkabel Port

This beautiful ice skating rink is located right near the sea! It has a breathtaking view of the port, as well as an incomparable view of sunrises or sunsets, depending on the time of day. Sevcable Port was opened as a recreational area in 2018. Now, the rink is surrounded by a perfect mix of industrial buildings and modern art. Sevcable Port always has some fascinating art installation to look at or some interactive activity to participate in.


The ice skating rink itself is 2,200 meters squared. The rink has both seal and polar bear skating aids (which are very cute). The website has instructions on how to get to Sevcable Port. After skating, if you get hungry, the rink is surrounded by food trucks where a wide variety of food can be bought. The ice rink opens every day at 11:00 and closes at 22:30 from November 13 until March 13. You can buy tickets online or in person. It can cost from 250−650 rubles per hour to ice skate depending on the day and time. If you don't bring your own, it costs 400 rubles to rent skates with no time limitations. Also, for 250 rubles they can sharpen your ice skates. This rink is definitely a must-visit if only for the view!

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