Create, dream, explore, try

Dare With ITMO – this is the slogan of the university’s 2022 admissions campaign. Here, you can do everything – do research, launch startups, organize exhibitions, excel in sports, play in a band, and so much more. ITMO’s mission is not only to teach, but to unlock every student’s full potential.

“Why is “dare” the keyword of our campaign? Because ITMO wants students to develop all their strengths. And we’re not talking just about professional skills – it applies to soft skills and creative potential, too. Create, dream, explore, and try. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or change your direction – those are normal things. Permit yourself to dream and imagine. That’s how we see the learning process here at ITMO – though that, of course, doesn’t mean we don’t remember the importance of giving students the fundamental knowledge they require,” says Alexey Itin, chairman of ITMO’s Admissions Committee.

According to Mr. Itin, the admissions office, as always, employs not only staff, but students as well. This is done to allow applicants to find out first-hand what it’s like to study at ITMO and be part of its family. After all, the university is known for its unconventional approach to learning and the emphasis it makes on interdisciplinary and personalized learning tracks.

In 2022, the university has launched an updated admissions website (English-language version coming in a later update) that boasts a lively design and a new structure. Now, all educational programs are sorted by subject areas rather than schools and faculties. This way, applicants should find it easier to find their way around and choose the best option. Every program has an individual landing page that provides comprehensive information on entrance exams and requirements.

How to apply (and when)

This year, documents can be submitted in four ways: personally at the admissions office, by mail, via the admissions website, or using the Gosuslugi (State Services) platform. One notable change this year is that applicants will once again need to provide original copies of their documents before enrollment, not after.

Applications to tuition-free positions in Bachelor’s degree programs close on July 25 for those who are applying based on their Unified State Exam (USE) score or entrance competitions – and on July 11 for those who will be taking their entrance exams at the university. Applications for fee-based positions in Bachelor’s degree programs close on August 20.

Applications for Master’s programs will be accepted until August 8 from those applying for tuition-free positions and until August 25 from those applying for fee-based positions. Find additional information herePlease note that some international Master's programs (taught in English) may have different deadlines and may stop accepting applications as early as late July. You can find each program's deadline in its description here.

Prospective PhD students need to apply by August 10 regardless of their mode of study.

For more information on all of the above topics, visit ITMO University's international admissions website at

Admission Campaign 2022 at ITMO University. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

Admission Campaign 2022 at ITMO University. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

Key figures

Those applying for Bachelor’s programs in 2022 can choose from 23 educational programs in six subject areas: Physics, IT, Economics & Innovations, Engineering, Life Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Applicants to ITMO University’s Master’s programs enjoy an even larger variety: 70 programs in 13 subject areas: Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Information Security, Engineering Sciences, Humanities, Ecology, Biotechnologies, Chemistry, Robotics, Power Industry, Physics, and Economics and Innovations.

Those interested in getting their PhD can choose from 50 specializations in natural, technical, agricultural, and social sciences, as well as humanities.

In 2022, there are a total of 3,042 tuition-free positions available for Master’s students (of which 177 were added in June to supplement programs of importance to the Russian economy), making it the largest intake of scholarship students in the country. The same number is measured at 1,320 and 309 for Bachelor’s and PhD programs, respectively.

Students can enroll at ITMO on a fee-paying basis, too. Information on the cost of study in each program, as well as the number of positions and other details, can be found here (in Russian) or on each program’s page at