Bachelor’s degree programs

ITMO University received more than 9,000 applications from prospective students interested in tuition-free full-time Bachelor’s degree programs. More than 1,000 students were admitted for tuition-free positions; their average USE score is 90.3. There were 326 prospective students admitted without entrance exams, as they were successful winners of national competitions in various subjects. This year’s highest minimum required USE scores for acceptance were for the programs “Information Systems and Technologies” (291 out of 310, with an average 99.1 subject score). More than 400 students enrolled into fee-based positions; their average USE score is 76.

This summer, even those whose USE score was below the minimum could still enroll at ITMO University, and even on a tuition-free position. Thanks to the ITMO.STARS initiative, highly-motivated school students could use their special achievements to participate in a competition. Having provided a great portfolio and passed an interview, 14 students enrolled through this initiative. More than 400 first-year students will be granted enhanced stipends; of them, 204 are owners of the Golden student ID which includes a 15,000 rubles-per-month stipend, 131 are Silver student ID owners (10,000 rubles per month) and 94 are in the Bronze tier with 7,000 rubles per month.

Master’s degree programs

More than 3,700 prospective students applied for ITMO University’s Master’s programs. The most popular programs were Game Development Technologies, Cryogenic Materials Properties, and Computer Visualization Technologies, with more than five applicants competing for a single position in these programs. A total of 2,541 students enrolled into tuition-free positions; 67% of them came from other cities and towns of Russia. Graduates of more than 300 other universities will study in ITMO University’s Master’s programs.

375 students began their Master’s studies without entrance exams: these are winners of portfolio and report competitions, and winners of various entrance competitions. More than 250 applicants completed their entrance exams remotely; 69 of them have been accepted. All in all, 66% of this year’s first-year Master’s students will come from outside St. Petersburg.

This year ITMO University launched a corporate Master’s program in collaboration with JetBrains; 30 new students will join the program.

PhD programs

750 graduate students have applied to study the highest form of education at ITMO University. Per the results of the campaign, 315 new PhD students will begin their studies this fall, 294 of them will be on tuition-free positions. More than 50 students from Russia and countries like Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Vietnam, China, Syria, Lebanon, and Algeria took their entrance exams remotely.

The average applicant-to-position ratio for all programs was 2.5. Among the most popular areas of research are physics & astronomy, computer science & computational technology, information security, technical systems management, photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies, and industrial ecology & biotechnology.

International students

More than 170 prospective students from other countries have submitted their applications to ITMO’s Bachelor’s degree programs. As part of the university’s effort to attract talented youth from around the world, special international entrance competitions were held in maths and computer science. As a result of the competitions 70 new students will come to study at ITMO.

Another 150 students from 30 countries will also study at ITMO on scholarships provided by the Russian Government.

Approximately 450 international students have applied to various Master’s degree programs. Among the most popular programs were: Information Computing Systems, Applied Optics, Strategic Innovations Management, Laser Technologies, Food Quality and Safety, and Innovative Marketing.

Both Russian and foreign applicants have shown great interests in ITMO University’s English-language programs; this year marked the launch of three new programs: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Art & Science and Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production. Most applications were submitted to English-language programs such as Machine Learning and Data Analysis, Information Security and Art & Science.

This year, ITMO University and the Association “Global Universities” organized the international entrance competition Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project for prospective Master’s students in four subject areas: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Economics. More than 5,000 citizens from more than 160 countries took part in the competition. There were 94 winners and runners-up in the Computer Science category, arranged by ITMO University; many of them picked ITMO as their university of choice.

Some 60 Master’s students from China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Serbia and other countries will come to study at ITMO on referrals of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

All of 2018’s newly-admitted students will become a part of the ITMO.FAMILY in a massive welcoming event on September 1.