“There is a lack of young professionals who are capable of working with web services at all stages – from their design to administration. At VK Education, we are training such specialists within the most popular fields in IT. This new Master’s program that we are implementing with ITMO is a great example of collaboration between academia and business. Our goal is to train our future employees, so students in the program will engage in developing real-life solutions for our services. The best in the course will get the chance to join our team at VK,” says Vadim Tsesko, the program’s head and a lead engineer at VK.

Among the program’s disciplines are those in advanced Java programming, NoSQL databases, enterprise systems development, advanced parallel computing, machine learning for big data, load- and stress testing of distributed systems, security of distributed web services, and blockchain technologies. Classes will be delivered by experts from VK and ITMO. 

Each semester will include 4-6 courses (8-10 classes per week) held in the blended learning format. In the remaining time, students will work on applied, engineering, or research cases provided by VK.

Photo by Alisa Kolomiets / ITMO Mediaportal

Photo by Alisa Kolomiets / ITMO Mediaportal

“Importantly, apart from development, students will learn to support and maintain web services used by millions of people, such as messenger apps, social media, marketplaces, notice boards, cloud storage, banking, search engines, or online games. Alongside their classes, students will work on cases provided by Russia’s leading IT company and other partners of the institute. The most industrious students will be able to claim a special scholarship from VK and land a job with the company. Students will be mentored by experienced developers and practicians,” adds Anton Kuznetsov, the head of ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science.

High-performing graduates of the program will be able to advance to the positions of lead developers, team leaders, system or service architects, heads of service, lead service maintainers, CEOs, and lead quality assurance specialists.

You can learn more about the program and enrollment opportunities here.