If I ever need some laughs, some hearty belly laughs, I can always count on Ryan Gosling’s omni-popular I'm Just Ken to do the job. Facts are this song, as well as its entire scene in the movie, stole the show. It’s upbeat and catchy; it has fun, a bit emo, lyrics, and, above all, an epic dance performance – more than Ken-enough. It’s even got a parody, with comedian Pete Davidson mirroring the soundtrack, but that’s a different story. 


For several years now, there has been no more well-trusted provider of goofy songs for me than The Lonely Island. Their blend of silly, sometimes cringeworthy jokes and 2010’s hip-pop tunes never fail to make me chuckle from absurdity and question my fine sense of humor. One of the top examples (and one of the most appropriate) is Jack Sparrow featuring Micheal Bolton. It starts as a generic song about clubbing, but wait for the first chorus to see where it goes, you won’t be disappointed!



Normally I am not a fan of covers, but almost everything the PostmodernJukebox team does lifts my spirits. And if there is the tambourine guy in the video, with his crazy jumping and happy labrador attitude, then it's just impossible for me not to laugh.


Surprisingly, I find it hard to pick just one song this time. Whenever I need to feel it all and end up with a laugh, I turn to Some Nights Intro by fun. (feels like such a throwback to the 2000s!). For giggles, there is nothing better than Folding Chair by Regina Spektor. And for happy smiles – A Lovely Night from La La Land (2016), a little sword fight of a song if there ever was one (and a second mention of Ryan Gosling in this list, funnily enough).