Anastasiia L.

After listening all summer to cheerful, foot-tapping songs like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Señorita, I found myself longing for something more tranquil and reflective, and that was when I bumped into this masterpiece by my favorite Russian folk band Melnitsa. The most curious thing about this song is that it aired in 2011, and since then I’ve been to Melnitsa’s concerts like seven times and never heard it. What’s particularly good about it is that even if you don’t understand a word in Russian, it’s still beautiful and incredibly magical. Check for yourself!

Anna H.

This September it has been all about work. Teamwork, breaking new ground, finding new ways to work and work better and smarter. With more zeal. With better results. Doing work that inspires and moves the needle, at least a little bit. The song that has been my mantra during all this is Move Together by Ndidi Onukwulu. It’s a soundtrack for brand commercial, which I happen to like. I for sure like the idea that “we can get there faster if we all move together.”

Anastasia K. 

My first favorite of this month is the cool Brooklynite King Princess: I love how her music and lyrics gently flow from melodic and soothing (case in point below) to groovy and sort of cloying, in the best sense of this word (case in point here), and she’s amazing live, and I like her as a human being as well, so it all ties in very nicely together. 

My other favorite is the band Electric Guest, who are absolutely brilliant, and the song Dollar especially, though I’m yet to listen to a creation of theirs that I do not like. It’s almost scientifically proven by heaps of experimental data that you can’t not burst into a dance and start singing along in broken falsetto when listening to an Electric Guest song. Which is a very good thing, obviously, but can also earn you a couple of weird looks from strangers. What the hell though, it’s still a very good thing.


Yay, autumn is finally here!

Now it is perfectly legal to melancholically look into your past – moreover, you will look weird if you do not do so.

It is for this reason that today I am listening to a wonderful song which gently swings you on the waves of its melody: Playground Love released by Air, a French music duo from Versailles, in 2000 together with Gordon Tracks.

Just turn this song on, close your eyes and remember everything sweet, ridiculous and beautiful that happened to you in your youth – and smile. :)

If tender sadness and inaction are not for you, and you are looking for a bit of vibrant, even aggressive energy, let’s listen to a brand new track Rock Bottom by grandson. This young and talented Canadian-American singer-songwriter writes amazing lyrics and creates mesmerizing melody structures in his songs. Enjoy and don't let fall bring you down! 

Catherine Z.

Am I the only one who thinks autumn is the best time to fall in love? If not with someone then with life as it is all over again. Everything I want to do is watch moody clouds outside my window dressed in the fluffiest sweater I can find. And what is a better companion in this escapism than a nice love song? Well, maybe a good book, but we are here to talk about music, so I have two carefully picked melodies today for the hopeless romantics of the world. 

We all know how hard it is to open up about our feelings to someone special, even if keeping them in is starting to cause us pain and discomfort. Among the many various solutions to this almost inevitable problem is expressing our love through someone else’s words, thus avoiding the possible rejection and suffering. This is exactly what If I Could Tell Her is about, sung by Ben Platt in what has become one of the most popular musicals of our time, Dear Evan Hansen

My second choice is for the old-school romantics that I know are out there. Although I only say it because Münchener Freiheit is not that contemporary, as the lyrics could not have been more timeless. “I don’t want to ruin this moment with too many words, I will only say that you are what I want”. Who knew German could be so tender and poetic, right?