‘tis the perfect season for binge-watching terrifying flicks that make you freak out and set the popcorn flying. But some of us are a little too squeamish for Friday the 13th or The Ring and thankfully there are lots of other movies to get you into the spooky spirit. 

Who said animated horrors are just for kids? Turn the lights off, grab some food, and perhaps a pillow you can hug when it gets too creepy or terrifying. You can watch them alone (well, if you’re brave enough) or with your family or friends – you’re in for some good yet tiny scare.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

We will start off at an ease – a plasticine world with cute, though hungry little bunnies taking over a town. And only the brilliant duo of daffy, cheese-loving inventor Wallace and his faithful dog Gromit can save the day – with their clever and crazy ideas. But… in the dark of the night, with the full moon in the sky (howl!), things take a spooky turn: someone or something has started terrorizing gardens in the neighborhood just around the time of the veggie competition. It’s giant, fluffy, with two ears and a tail, keeps the whole town in scare. Who is it?


ParaNorman has all the main ingredients for a nice Halloween movie: a spooky house, a mystery to be solved, chases, curses, and deadly creatures. Norman is just like any other kid, but there’s one thing that makes him different: he sees ghosts (The Sixth Sense vibes, right?). And when a 300-year-old witch’s curse suddenly resurrects the dead one evening, it falls to him to save his townsfolk. And, trust me, the ending elevates this movie from good to great (don’t worry, no spoilers) – go and find out for yourself!

Monster House

Be wary of that haunted house down the street! It’s not like the others, and the teenager DJ knows it. Turns out, it's a real live monster with windows for eyes and a flying carpet that unfurls tongue-like out the front door to swallow any and all who pass by. And with Halloween approaching, a trio of friends (not really yet) embarks on a crazy adventure in hopes of finding a way to destroy the hulked-up house and save innocent trick-or-treaters.


It's not a Halloween list without a sprinkle of Tim Burton movies. And while The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride are all-time classics, let’s talk about Frankenweenie – a story that blends the macabre and the heartfelt in a perfect, if odd, union. 

The story follows the black-and-white exploits of young Victor Frankenstein, a shy, introverted, brilliantly creative, and exceptionally intelligent boy. He spends most of his time with his dog or up in the attic where he works on his scientific experiments. So when his dog (and best friend) Sparky dies in an accident, he does what any brainy boy would do – brings him back to life with just some minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but soon, the whole town learns that going against nature may lead to monstrous results.


Coraline and her family have moved into a new house, which just so happened to be old and mysterious – the premise feels like a ticking clock for some boom-action. So, when she finds a secret door in her home (it’s high time to scream no, no, no, don't go in there) and a parallel world behind it, she has no idea what she’s about to unleash. What seems perfect and fantastic at first, and as we know, the grass is always greener on the other side, later starts to feel somehow off. Her journey becomes a frightening fight for survival as she opens the door to terrors: giant spider-like creatures, buttons for eyes, and dead kids’ souls. C'mon, you gotta admit it's pretty spooky.

Trust me, these movies are absolutely worth your time thanks to their great animation and the deeply mystical experiences they spark. Enjoy and have a spooktacular holiday!